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In July 13th, the reporter learned from Puyang county that the Henan provincial LED lamp quality supervision and inspection center was approved by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau. The approval of the project marks the first Puyang provincial product quality inspection center to be built.

As the main producing area of photoelectron and light source industry in the whole city and even the whole province, Puyang county has focused on developing the optoelectronics industry and building the photoelectron base in Central Plains, elaborating the plan for the development plan adjustment of Puyang County Industrial Agglomeration Area, and adjusting the optoelectronics industry to the leading industry in the whole county. And the LED lighting as the core of the optoelectronics industry as a pillar industry in the county has made great efforts to build a photoelectric Industrial Park in the county industrial agglomeration area, increasing investment and efforts to improve the industrial chain. At the same time, Puyang county also firmly set up the concept of "where the industrial cluster develops and where the quality inspection technical services extend to", and constantly accelerated the declaration of the LED light product quality inspection center of Henan Province, and provided the omnibearing and strong foundation for the establishment of the center in terms of capital, land use, equipment purchase and personnel establishment. Legislative support and protection.

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