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If the government does not spend a penny, the lighting quality will be increased by 10%-30%, with an average energy saving of over 55%, and electricity saving of 2 million 850 thousand yuan per year. Recently, the Luogang District CPPCC held a "look back" on the proposal to accelerate the application of the "Internet of things intelligent street lamps" to create a smart city management platform proposal. The proposal of the two CPPCC three session was to replace the 2 million street lamps in the built area with the requirements of government procurement and public bidding. LED intelligent street lamp, and strive for knowledge city to be built street lamps can also be divided into districts, step by step implementation.

It is understood that Luogang District built a unified LED lights intelligent management platform, the transformation of LED lights to achieve intelligent management of single lights, new public roads, parks to achieve single lamp adjustable controllable and monitoring.

Western area "intelligent street lamp" transformation demonstration value is high.

By the end of 2011, 4399 old municipal street lamps in the Western District, including Binhe Road, Dongjiang Road, Qingnian Road, Jin Bi road and development avenue, were faced with upgrading and upgrading. After comparing with the actual test, the district government finally selected a company in the Development Zone, RONG Wen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to upgrade and upgrade the old street lamps in the West. The project uses the intelligent street lamp control system of the Internet of things, and applies the contract energy management mode to create the pilot project of intelligent street lamp application.

The so-called "Internet of things intelligent control system" is the most front-end Internet of things technology applied to road lighting control management system. It can accurately control every street lamp operation and achieve on-demand lighting.

The project adopts the contract energy management mode, changing the tradition of urban lighting system transformation from financial investment. The concrete practice is that under the circumstances of the zero investment of the district government, RONG Wen company has invested in the comprehensive renovation of the Western street lamps, and the cooperation period is 10 years. During this period, RONG Wen shared the 9:1's energy saving benefits with the district government. RONG Wen company was free to maintain the lighting and control system. After the expiration of the contract, RONG Wen delivered the entire system of equipment without compensation, and the district government enjoyed the energy saving benefits exclusively.

Since there is no need to re lay the lines, as long as the lamps of the original street lamps are replaced and the smart electric boxes are installed, the energy saving reconstruction of the project is completed in 30 days, and the number of street lamps is optimized to 3966 when the lighting quality is maintained.

In March 1, 2012, the project was formally operated through acceptance, and soon showed good results. Through the "Internet of things intelligent control system", we can clearly grasp the operation of each street lamp, and accurately display the position, voltage, current, power and energy saving situation of each lamp on the map, so as to achieve "daylight dimming, daylight lighting, more lights on people, less people turning dark", which changed the previous street lights. The situation of unnecessary waste caused by on-demand dimming can obviously improve the lighting quality and operation efficiency.

According to the operation data provided by Power Grid Corp for 24 months (from March 5, 2012 to March 5, 2014), the road surface brightness is increased by 10%-30%, the average energy saving rate is above 55%, and the electricity tariff is saved by 5 million 700 thousand yuan. The average annual electricity saving is 2 million 850 thousand yuan, that is, annual energy saving 3 million 160 thousand degrees, which is equivalent to 1106 tons of standard coal, and 2876 tons of carbon dioxide and 27 per year respectively. Tons of sulphur dioxide and 8 tons of nitrogen oxides.

Moreover, the efficient, accurate and convenient maintenance of the project has been well received. Due to the fine management of project lights, precise control and efficient optical components, the balanced and comfortable lighting effect is ensured, the failure rate of energy saving lighting equipment and maintenance management cost are reduced, and the management and maintenance pressure of municipal street lamps is greatly reduced. In addition, the street lamp Internet of things management platform can also be extended to realize the functions of many smart cities such as atmospheric monitoring, public safety, traffic monitoring, harmonious community and environmental protection.

23 thousand street lamps will be replaced by LED street lamps this year.

According to statistics from relevant units in Luogang District, at present, there are 24593 municipal street lamps belonging to Eastern, Yonghe, Kowloon, Science City, biologic island and Luogang street, which consumes about 36 million 320 thousand degrees annually, and the annual electricity demand is 32 million 790 thousand yuan. The energy saving transformation of intelligent street lamps with IOT will save about 25 million 420 thousand degrees of electricity per year, save electricity by about 22 million 950 thousand yuan per year, and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides by about 23969 tons annually. This shows that the energy saving space of Luogang District's municipal street lamps has been huge, and the maintenance efficiency has also been greatly improved.

The proposal unit area construction and the reply of the Municipal Gardens Bureau clearly mentioned that according to the requirements of the Guangzhou municipal government's promulgation of the work plan for the popularization and application of LED lighting products in the area of public lighting in Guangzhou, Luogang District has to complete about 23 thousand street lamps this year and replace it with LED street lights. At the same time, we will actively cooperate with the relevant units in the region to develop the construction plan of the intelligent lighting system in the whole region, summarize the successful experience of the demonstration projects in the area, and gradually promote the use of the demonstration projects in Luogang, so as to lay the foundation for the popularization and application of the knowledge city.

It is also understood that the district construction and the Municipal Gardens Bureau formulated the implementation plan for the popularization of LED lighting products in public roads and parks in Luogang District. The application of the Internet of things street lighting control system to create a unified LED lamp intelligent management platform in the region, and the transformation of LED lights all realized the intelligent management of single lights, and the new public. The road and park can be controlled and monitored by single lamp. It can monitor the life cycle of LED lights and provide intelligent control and effective management of road lighting load. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of relevant provincial and municipal documents, we encourage the use of contract energy management mode and transform the street lamps by energy saving service companies through public bidding.


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