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Shaanxi quality and Technology Supervision Bureau announced in July 7th the 2 quarter of 2014, general lighting self ballast fluorescent lamp product quality supervision and spot check results, 9 batches of samples do not meet the standard requirements, involving Zhan Wang lighting, Zhenguan lighting, Mei te, West Jie Zhaoming, JPS, AI Pai, McCourt, three bear lighting, natural lighting and other products. All the cards are made in Guangdong.

The sampling was conducted in the production and distribution enterprises of common lighting self ballast fluorescent lamps in Xi'an, Tongchuan, Yulin, Yanan, Hanzhoung, Ankang and Baoji. 47 enterprises were sampled and 50 samples were sampled. According to GB16844-2008's "safety requirements for self lighting ballast lamps for general lighting", GB19044-2013 The relevant standards of energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency grades of self lighting fluorescent lamps for general lighting, and the effective enterprise standards and product quality requirements for recording, are used for the energy efficiency identification, interchangeability, electric shock resistance, mechanical strength, heat resistance, fire prevention, fire prevention and fault status of self ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting. The items such as signs (safety), energy efficiency limits, harmonics, initial luminous efficiency / luminous flux, lamp power, color rendering index and color tolerance were tested.

After examination, 41 batches of qualified samples were comprehensively determined, and the unqualified rate was 18%. There are 9 batches of samples that do not meet the standard requirements, including energy efficiency labeling, mechanical strength, interchangeability, protection against electric shock, marking (safety), energy efficiency limits, harmonics, initial luminous efficiency / luminous flux, lamp power, chromogenic index, and color difference items.

Shaanxi provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau has instructed relevant quality and technical supervision departments to deal with the unqualified products and enterprises in the spot checks according to the relevant laws and regulations.

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