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Recently, the outdoor advertising booth of the first LED electronic display in Yibin, Sichuan was successfully auctioned. After several bidding, the bidders finally took this advertising booth at 5 million 100 thousand yuan.

The auction of LED electronic display advertising, located in Tsui Ping District North Avenue tree building, an area of 100 square meters, with 5 years of advertising management rights. Because the building is mixed with commercial and residential buildings, there is a cross between public property right and private property right. In order to avoid the impact on businesses and residents, the advertising time is limited to 8 a.m. to 9 pm, and the audio advertisement is prohibited.

Beginning in 2010, Yibin started the special rectification work of outdoor advertisements in the central city. By the end of 2013, all the outdoor advertising facilities in the city had been demolished. The outdoor advertisements in the central city were unified into the planning and unified compilation, and the outdoor advertisement entered the standardized development track.

The auction LED electronic display outdoor advertising booth is the first time in Yibin, is still in the exploratory stage. To this end, in the auction process, the Yibin municipal government specially invited the court staff to explain at the scene, indicating that although the contract did not specify, but in accordance with the relevant provisions, if the government in the contract period to dismantle the block LED electronic display screen, will be given to the bidder for compensation. At the end of the contract period, the government will recover the use right of LED electronic display outdoor advertising without charge, and the bidder needs to ensure that the full set of LED electronic display devices work properly and function well.

"The 5 million 100 thousand yuan of the auction will be returned to the state treasury. We have decided to reserve a portion of it as a city advertising management fund, which is specifically used for advertising supervision and subsequent dispute compensation." Yibin municipal government responsible person said.

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