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The energy efficiency plan initiated by the Russian government has led to LED business opportunities. In 2013, LED grew significantly in the Russian lighting market. The plan aims to increase energy efficiency of lighting products by 2020, while reducing energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) per unit of 40%.

Sergey Borovkov, managing partner of Lighting Business Consulting LLC, has received an interview with LEDinside at the nineteenth Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, and put forward opinions on the current situation and future prospects of the Russian lighting market.

Russian lighting consultant operates Sergey Borovkov

Russian LED lamps revenue 2020 looks up to $3 billion 700 million

LED lighting and light bulbs continue to grow in the Russian lighting market. At present, LED lamp revenue accounts for about 37% of the total revenue of the general lighting market, which is US $714 million. BorovKov said that the estimated proportion of LED lighting products will grow to 83% in 2020, with revenues of about $3 billion 700 million.

At present, commercial lighting is the largest area in the Russian lighting market, followed by office lighting and industrial lighting. These areas are relatively well funded, and have a certain demand for lighting quality and energy efficiency. With the development of the lighting market towards smart lighting, the demand for controllers is growing.

However, in addition to halogen instead of lighting, the overall replacement lighting is relatively small, because the price is high, and the government is considering the purchase of outdoor lighting equipment. Borovkov points out that the Russian government purchases lighting equipment, paying more attention to its price rather than quality. Therefore, six of the outdoor lighting equipment purchased by the Russian government at present is the lower price of the nano light bulbs and lamps. [1] [2] next page


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