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The US energy department (DOE) has recently announced the suspension of the LED PAR 38 lamp for the purpose of replacing the halogen bulbs in the L award. This is the second time that the 38 PAR lamp has been suspended. The US Department of energy has revised some of its request options for the L awards, but the DOE requirement for 123 lumens / tiles is not based on the requirements of the US Congress.

The aim of the L award is to continuously extend the technical indicators of solid state lighting and lead the solid state lighting (SSL) industry to achieve higher energy efficiency. PHILPS lighting won 90 lumens / W performance requirements in 2011. It is speculated that the directional properties of PAR 38 lamps should enable manufacturers to make more efficient products compared with omnidirectional A- lamps.

The US Department of energy suspended its PAR 38 competition for the first time in 2011. In 2012, the competition of the project was reintroduced, which reduced the number of sample lamps and reduced the tolerance requirements of light output. Then in August last year, the L award extended the maximum allowable beam pattern from 12 degrees to 15 degrees. Nonetheless, the congressional mandate has remained unchanged, and no company has hinted that it wants to enter the PAR 38 competition. The US Department of energy reports that PAR 38 lamps on the market are far from effective targets. In fact, the best products in the market can only reach 90 lumens / watts, which prompted the Department of energy to reassess competition requirements.

The US Department of energy said it would consider restarting the PAR 38 competition in the future. In addition, the Congressional bill will allocate $5 million to the company that won the PAR 38 L prize. In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to obtain orders for the sale of large winning lights to the US government.

Looking back, it is not clear how PHILPS lighting will get a profit of more than 10 million dollars from a L A- lamp. Of course, PHILPS is a leader in the LED transformation market, but the lamp design that won the L prize has little response in the market. Although the L prize A- lamp is an excellent product with the appearance of long distance phosphors, the obvious heat sink and the cost of high components, it has not been very successful in the market.

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