In 2021 the UV LED market output value will reach $555 million
Source: Date:2018-03-28

According to the latest "2016~2021 years LED industry supply and demand database shows that in 2016 due to UV light curing, LED products actively into the application of sterilization and purification market, estimated value will grow to $166 million by 2021 will reach $555 million, a compound annual growth rate of 27%. The mainstream of the development ultraviolet LED for UV-A LED and UV-C LED UV-A LED, which focuses more on the light curing market application. Wu Yingjie said that in the fierce market competition under the LED UV-A price, the overall market value of ultraviolet LED for two consecutive years has been flat at $122 million. However, the regulations will prohibit the use of mercury in 2020 fermentation expectation, light curing equipment manufacturers to Europe and Japan are actively introducing ultraviolet LED, Gaiji pulled and replace the demand of the market, the overall market in 2021 driven by ultraviolet LED output value will reach $555 million. The application of LED in 2016 forecast UV light curing market value of $81 million, to $195 million in 2021, a compound annual growth rate of 19%, 2020 LED ultraviolet light curing module penetration will come to 50~60%. In UV-C LED, Wu Yingjie pointed out that because the UV-C can be used in food preservation, air purification, water purification market, the potential demand for amazing. The technology continues to progress, the prediction of the 2016 UV-C LED sterilization and purification of the market value of $28 million, to $257 million in 2021, a compound annual growth rate of 56%. Wu Yingjie said that the technical threshold of UV-C LED products is very high, no matter in epitaxy, chip, packaging and market acceptance are facing many challenges, so now the market UV-C LED products in addition to quartz glass packaging products mainly, also launched low-cost promotion package collocation silicone version, the current is small, life in short, only suitable for consumption of low-priced products, as manufacturers marketing purposes. With more LED manufacturers to launch new products at the end of this year, will accelerate the progress of UV-C LED technology. At this stage the main UV-C LED factory for the United States, Japan, South Korean companies, is expected to include Nichia and LED manufacturers in Taiwan Chinese will launch UV-C LED products in the fourth quarter of this year.

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