LED outdoor lighting industry is hot, how to see?
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Industry insiders predict that the next three years, LED outdoor lighting LED lighting market segments will become the fastest growing. In 2015 Chinese LED outdoor lighting market size close to 15 billion yuan. The outdoor lighting market is really so hot? It is understood that in 2016 as the "13th Five-Year plan" at the beginning of the year, the wisdom of the city as "high frequency words". While the city lighting as an important part of the wisdom of the city, to usher in a new round of development opportunities under the impetus of the government. The outdoor lighting market will usher in a new wave of growth. Survey data show that China's outdoor lighting industry each year more than 40% growth rate, 2016 is expected to reach 31 billion 400 million yuan, the current domestic LED outdoor lighting applications are developed rapidly. This year under the influence of national policy, more and more domestic and foreign engineering project. Just as before the G20 summit, the conference will generally promote the city's energy-saving upgrade, thus good outdoor lighting market development. And with the high power LED light source and a large outdoor power supply products such as technology becomes more mature, outdoor lighting market has finally ushered in the outbreak stage. QQ screenshot 20160913101803.jpg recently, Huapu Yongming officially launched in Guangya Exhibition System light effect of 176.5lm/W lights, and realize large-scale production. According to the domestic design director Sun Huapu center Peng Haiping introduced, in August 7, the whole light Maple Yongming shipments reached 90 thousand light, especially the export market demand for the large amount of outdoor lamps. Peng Haiping believes that the outdoor lighting order is sustained release, and the popularity of the current global LED lamp rate is still very low, the market prospects. Mosopower power general manager Ding Hua revealed that a large power supply market this year compared to last year increased. Moso 1-8 month performance has exceeded last year. Overall, the market is still better. With many domestic EMC contract energy management project expires, the domestic LED market will usher in the peak of lamp replacement. While the national policy uncertainty, the LED market application environment is more popular, is expected in the next few years the domestic installed capacity of LED lamps will be more and more, the market will become increasingly large. Song Sheng Electronics deputy general manager Tian Yong said, Song Sheng Electronics successfully completed the first half of 2016 semi annual sales tasks, an increase of 52.63%, large power company outdoor power supply volume is good. Is expected in the second half of the fourth quarter of the market will be better, but the industry competition will intensify. Expect the market demand for outdoor lighting technology will be more and more high, more and more functional requirements. Especially with the smart lamp of wisdom city construction. According to relevant data, in 2016, we have put forward 485 pilot city to build a smart city, there are more than 200 global city is carry out the construction of smart city. The wisdom of the city will bring huge opportunities for outdoor lighting market. The development of constant paive general manager Liu Hailang also optimistic about the wisdom of outdoor lighting market. Liu Hailang said that this year the outdoor lighting demand is increased a lot, many projects are concentrated in the second half. Shipments in constant power paive maintained steady growth, especially the intelligent DC company concentrated suspension power solutions, has been more and more customers. From the point of view of market demand, street lights and tunnel lamp demand is still hot. From the volume point of view, than the volume of outdoor street lighting landscape; from the growth rate for landscape lighting than outdoor street shipments growth rate. Health Science & Technology chairman Xin Mingfeng said, Health Science & technology since its inception, put all their energy into outdoor power "lightning surge" R & D and production of products, based on high-end market, has developed a waterproof lamp power supply with the level of 6KV above, the current market supply. And this year the market is obviously better than the market last year. Xinquan photoelectric chairman Wang Gan also believes that the outdoor lighting market this year is relatively mature, compared to last year in terms of a lot of good. In the world many countries or regions have now also outdoor products demand. Sales akimitsu circuit lamp products Xin is also good, relative to previous years, growth of more than 30%. Xinquan the outdoor lighting products with the advantage of quality stability and reliability, maintained higher shipments. For the future development of LED outdoor lighting market, what do they say? Mosopower power general manager Ding Hua: installed with increased LED street price is also more and more low, leading manufacturers diluted profits, competition will be more intense. LED outdoor power supply manufacturers in the future to constantly introduce more cost advantages and meet the market demand for the market to win; the two is to develop high value-added products, such as intelligent direction, is not only the power supply and control, product to function integration; the three is to develop the scale, standardized and more products to meet market demand, to win the market. Song Sheng Electronics deputy general manager Tian Yong: I think the next few years, outdoor lighting market competition will be more intense, the enterprise need according to the needs of the industry and industry conditions, combined with their own form to create their own advantages, to avoid the homogenization of competition. In addition the brand service will become a trend, brand gold content is higher, the scale of technology is stronger, more perfect service enterprises, the comparative advantage is more obvious, the comprehensive competitiveness is more and more strong. In the future, the scale of the outdoor lighting will be more and more big, more and more to the scale a few outstanding enterprises, the service will be more standardized, and gradually formed the independent brand. Xinquan photoelectric chairman Wang Qian: outdoor lighting market including LED lights, wall lights, spot lights, flood lights and other products, in the next one or two years will continue to grow, perhaps next year will be better than this year. Because now the whole outdoor projects will be more and more. Huapu Yongming domestic design center Peng Haiping: Director of outdoor lighting order is sustained release, and the popularity of the current global LED lamp rate is still very low, the market prospects. Constant paive general manager Liu Hailang: outdoor lighting market in 5~8 years, will have great development space, especially the wisdom of outdoor lighting products. The general manager of Guangdong Chau Ming Energy Technology Co. Ltd. Wang Rongli: Wisdom City craze sweeping the globe, and wisdom to become the best street entrance. LED outdoor lighting lamp manufacturers need to continue on product design and product performance upgrade, through the introduction of different combinations of open interface, to meet the future city lighting, landscaping and other aspects of intelligence demand.

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