No pains plagued the lights brand development, Guzhen lighting should be how to promote the "brand campaign"?
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Before and after 2002, the lighting industry "brand campaign", the achievements of today's trend. Unfortunately, in the field of sports brand, Guzhen lighting enterprises still remain in the stage of product all has not yet appeared, strong industry brand. At present, Guzhen lighting industry is still in the channel competition, brand awareness is not strong. Although the gold, Bao Hui, Qilang, comely and other high-end brands, but failed to integrate into the international market. Guzhen Lighting brand no pains, plagued by the light of the development. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, development environment has undergone profound changes in the lighting industry. Under the new normal industrial development, is to pay more attention to the quality, to further enhance efficiency, intensive development, one of the important aspects is to vigorously implement the brand strategy. To maintain the lighting business brand, is to consolidate the industry status lights are fundamental in recent years, the lighting brand "mop in its own channels". PHILPS Home Furnishing 1 billion 200 million Home Furnishing, NVC 750 million, sun lighting 600 million, OPPLE crystal lamp 320 million MLS Home Furnishing target of 1 billion this year, PHILPS lighting to commercial lighting, lighting engineering and lighting Home Furnishing force, target 3 billion...... Lighting manufacturers average sales of 2000-3000 million, the majority of lighting brands become manufacturing plant for OEM, the brand gradually disappearing, means that the hypermarket tenants dismantling. Remove the shopping platform, will eventually lead to industrial origin into a single processing base. To promote the lighting business brand, is to enhance the core competitiveness of the key lights are lighting and lighting products compared to its own properties in addition to practicality, the greatest value is reflected in its artistic ornamental. At present, the ancient town in the lighting manufacturers force design, product homogeneity serious. The art of lighting cover, leading consumers to purchase lighting, focus on price, resulting in the bloody price battle between homogeneous products, profit margins have been severely thinned. Therefore, in the industrial scale has been basically finalized today, we call on the lighting business focus on building their own brands, the quality of the revolution of the horn sounded, and guide the industry from "quantity" to "quality" change. To speed up the popularization of lighting brand, is the consumption view of the needs of the new era due to the addition of design companies and other intermediaries, resulting in increased cost of lighting, the terminal price soared. This is due to the consumers do not understand the lighting brand and the product itself, dealers, designers and other intermediary only the "operation" space. Therefore, to promote the lighting brand popularization, to promote the lighting industry to "price tag", is the demand of the era of consumer sovereignty, the symbol of transformation is the industry upgrade. In the new normal economic development to further deepen today, industry competition from price competition, quality competition into brand competition. Brand competition has become an important feature of economic competition between enterprises and regions, this is a great opportunity to create a lighting industry brand era.

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