LED lighting industry in the transition period of intelligent lighting trends can not resist
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Incandescent lamp is one of the greatest inventions of nineteenth Century, now want to quit the stage of history. According to the state released out incandescent roadmap, in October 1st this year, China will be a total ban on the sale and import of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, or interim results are adjusted. Energy-saving lamps are replaced, LED etc.. It is worth looking forward to is, networking, information technology of the intelligent lighting spawned a new trend, which not only energy, but also change the color temperature and color and add dynamic effects, hundreds of simulation scenarios, things become an important part of the service. A new round of change with the energy saving people, LED lighting industry prices declining rapidly, incandescent lamp is represent the general trend. According to DIGITIMES data, the global LED lighting market size increased significantly in recent years, from $1 billion 750 million in 2009, increased to $29 billion 900 million in 2015, during the annual compound growth rate of 60.5%. But its penetration is still not high, only 27.2% in 2015. Therefore, it is still huge room for growth. Recently, China's largest chip maker, Sanan optoelectronics decided on the part of small and medium size product prices go up 10%, and the XinDa, and the photoelectric photoelectric amp Linsen LED manufacturers will RGB lamp prices go up 5%, this is the year following the March and May third times the price adjustment after the price adjustment. This year, the supply side shrinking and package scale growth slowdown, the overall supply and demand of LED industry will gradually improve. The critical moment of transformation and upgrading lighting industry in networking, information technology, intelligent lighting that spawned a new trend. Startups tune technology day to launch a super light before, the better equipped with energy-saving scheme, the hardware and software, system linkage products through R & D, provide rich and common scenarios for users. In the scene, the product will be smart to guide the user to take the initiative to produce such behavior. Such as remote lights and precise control, saving light and comfortable light balance. It is divided into passive energy saving technology that energy saving and active energy. Is the traditional way of passive energy-saving energy-saving lamps, mainly rely on itself to reduce the energy consumption of energy saving. LED is very energy-efficient, its luminous flux is 15 times of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp is 3 times. But if there is no active energy with passive energy saving is of no significance. When only one employee in the company to work overtime, he often need to open up a whole row of even half a company's lamp, such behavior obviously cannot bring the real energy saving. Intelligent lighting lighting spring in other words, is not only a lamp, and the need for a system. Key technology founder and CEO Huang Xiaojun, super switch, super light, small wireless switch, APP tone self-developed technology provide one of the four light control scheme. Can change the color temperature and color and add dynamic effects, hundreds of simulation scenarios, and has the characteristics of accurate control, smart and simple. It is reported that the light control system of each lamp super light to achieve precise control, including control of color, color, saturation, brightness, action etc.. 10 kinds of scenes of daily life, covering the living room, bedroom and kitchen all kinds of daily living space, and through the application of color to create a stylish atmosphere Home Furnishing. At the same time, personalized lighting scene customized products fully support users. In addition to the use of super small enough gateway and wireless switch operated, APP and display lamp range map, so that users can find the location, name, type and it was the work of each lamp on the map. In addition, users can also create a new room in the software, and room for any sort, hide and delete. Due to increase the brightness of each light color based super lights in the ordinary lamp provides 16 million 580 thousand colors, 9000 kinds of heating temperature and 1% to 100% of the adjustment, covering a variety of personalized human survival and life to the light of the needs in the field of lighting is a kind of innovation. In the field of intelligent lighting Home Furnishing, sleep mode will light color temperature effectively reduced to 1500k. In this mode, the comfort of yellow light by red and green mixture, and without the slightest blue light, the user's body to secrete more melatonin and help the user to quickly enter the natural sleep. The large commercial establishments, whether it is to create an atmosphere, commodity division can be fully meet the needs of. It also makes intelligent lighting has become a logical development direction of concern to the industry. In March this year, HUAWEI CeBIT2016 released the first high-profile multilevel intelligent lighting control networking solutions, April OPPLE and HUAWEI signed a strategic cooperation agreement Home Furnishing intelligence. Not only that, while the international lighting giant GE, PHILPS and OSRAM have staking, lighting networking prospects breath smell. Networking service key 2013 global smart lighting market size of about $1 billion 287 million, although the smart lighting market is small, but in the future and actively promote energy-saving trend driven by manufacturers, the market will continue to grow in 2019 up to $8 billion 710 million. At present, intelligent lighting is also facing some difficulties in the development process. Technically speaking, intelligent lighting products generally have problems appeared in the process of operation, the stroboscopic color is not synchronized, product homogenization phenomenon is serious; from the consumer perspective, intelligent lighting products price is still very expensive; the view of enterprises, worried about the conflicting traditional lighting products market production of intelligent lighting products and their the small factory does not have the research of intelligent lighting conditions. Therefore, the development of intelligent lighting to still need to break from the technical level, the more human technology design to attract consumers, while reducing costs through the development of technology, to attract consumers to buy, in order to attract more enterprises to enter the market development. But the smart lighting trends can not resist. Accompanied by a substantial increase in the number of lighting facilities, lighting control requirements become more complex, only through the fine management of the intelligent control system can realize the city lighting, in the implementation of environmental protection is also more convenient. Smart lighting as an important part of "smart city", it is the application of power line carrier technology city sensor network, link city road lamp, the formation of "the Internet of things". In this stage, walking in the street smart networking front as an example, not only to complete the LED lamp lighting function, but also provides a basis for the network, as the bearer of wisdom City sensor network, can be connected on the market a variety of sensor, the sensor management, street management, WiFi coverage, video monitoring, seamless integration in the same a cloud, big data, networking form. Through the front-end data collection wisdom lighting system through the analysis and prediction of large data systems, to provide services for businesses and users. Therefore, the future of lighting will also become a ring of Internet service in the huge commercial value.

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