GE exit, OSRAM sold the international giants such action?
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Recently, following the "sell" the source OSRAM business, GE announced that it will terminate in all direct business activities in Asia and Latin America, and since November 30th. In fact, in recent years, the international lighting giant have had these thoughts, some "action" completed, such as GE, OSRAM, Samsung and so on; some "action" aborted, such as PHILPS to sell its lighting business is "suspended" to announce the IPO stripped of its lighting business. So, these international brands in mind, do you really understand? What action international giants in November 30th, GE will terminate in Asia and Latin America all direct business recently, the global lighting giant GE Lighting CEO an e-mail to the internal staff said that since November 30th, GE lighting will be terminated in all direct business activities in Asia and Latin america. Following the exposed GE lighting will exit the Asian and Latin American markets, foreign media also disclosed to GE lighting this month announced it would close its bulb factory, Bridge. It is reported that this traditional lighting factory was founded in 1948. At present, the traditional lighting products factory production is outdated, is expected in the future will produce new products in the factory. The rapid change of lighting industry, is the traditional lighting giant GE make a choice. GE spokesman AliciaGauer. said, if the union agreed that the company will be officially closed the factory in August 2017. Over the past few years, GE lighting income mainly from the traditional incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp products, but these products in income declined year by year. Because the government continued to promote the consumers to choose more energy-efficient products, such as LED lighting. Data display, GE lighting last month from traditional lighting revenue fell 23%. Previously, GE has sold to Haier group Chinese appliance business. Revenue data from GE industrial sector shows that the quarter revenue fell 25% to $1 billion 700 million, net profit fell 42% to $96 million. In 2014, Samsung announced its withdrawal from the market in addition to all the outside of Korea LED lighting business 2014, October 28th, Samsung Electronics announced the LEDs will exit the market in addition to all the outside of South Korea (LED) lighting business. This, Samsung issued a statement saying: "we have decided to stop in South Korea all market LED light business, so we can put more resources to focus on our core business areas, keep the LED component business active in the LED industry, and continue to provide high-quality products and services to our customers." Samsung also said that the future of LED business will focus on chip package and production for digital camera backlight and components. In July this year, OSRAM sold its business in July 26, 2016 source, strategic investors led by IDG capital, and Yiwu Linsen state-owned capital operation center limited partners the Chinese consortium to more than 400 million euros ($439 million) the price of success in winning the Lund Vance (LEDVANCE, OSRAM lighting business) bid. Linsen shares limited partners the Chinese consortium won the OSRAM LEDVANCE. At this point, which lasted more than a year, many domestic enterprises to participate in the bidding of the OSRAM LEDVANCE LED merger officially ended, OSRAM also successfully "sell" the source of business, the future, OSRAM will focus on three core business: special lighting, lighting systems and solutions and optoelectronic semiconductor growth and innovation. International brand mind guess behind the international giants "action", what is the reason? From a rational point of view these international brand choice, we will find that these are inevitable LED lighting industry market development, industry norms in the process of a stage. So, the international lighting giant or the sale of part of its business, or withdraw from a regional market, what is the deep meaning of this? To this end, we integrated the lighting industry point of view, mainly has the following conjecture: 1, Asian market competition excessive, bear the brunt of the "price war". As the original Samsung exit, industry sources have predicted, due to intense competition, especially overseas market durable "price war" resulted in Samsung Electronics LED business in the overseas market downturn. 2, LED lighting applications, low profits, "chicken ribs" decisively abandoned. GE before the exit in Asia, Latin America, lighting business revenue continued to decline, in the face of these problems, "performance" GE choose a more professional field, more professional, more market profit products, or is wise. 3, moderate adjustment "big and complete", "fine plough". OSRAM chose to "sell" the source of business, in large part because of its focus on three core business: special lighting, lighting systems and solutions and optoelectronic semiconductor growth and innovation, and the professional field has its unique advantages and value.

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