LED chip package, have price increases, the industry to see how?
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Recently, Mu Linsen, Sanan optoelectronics, nationstar optoelectronics, optical and photoelectric XinDa amp LED chip, packaging manufacturers have heard "price" news, this news has caused widespread concern in the industry. September 2nd, "Notice of price increases, the magnitude of Linsen, a batch of LED chip packaging plant in September 1st focused on the price" the issue within a short time after reading volume exceeded 22 thousand, which is sufficient to prove the industry attention to the matter. However, LED chip package, the price and what does that mean? A time to see them together and Public opinions are divergent., this is how to treat. "Price" will allow enterprises to make product better lighting Xiamen XinDa general manager Liu Yaode packaging industry through the integration of the past few years, the market environment has been basically stable. For the enterprise, before is caught in the upstream and downstream of the "gap" in doing business, business is very painful, and strive to build brand, to seize the market, but almost no profit. Now, with rising labor and other costs, if the enterprise does not have to adjust the package price will produce a loss, therefore, enterprises according to the actual price adjustment. From the trend, this adjustment is the inevitable result of market development, it will not affect the business expansion and development. In addition, this adjustment will make packaging enterprises will better improve the overall quality of lamp products, and access to the market, the reputation of the consumers, the entire LED industry to achieve a more healthy, good operation. I think for the future price trend, and reached equilibrium when prices will stabilize in the packaging industry. Lamps low production cost "price" for the rational adjustment of Shenzhen new photoelectric general manager Zou Yiming for the phenomenon of price the number of chips, packaging companies, I think it is normal, is the first since the development of the lighting industry, it needs to have a balanced relationship between supply and demand; second, chip products previously or big, need industry standard, promote the industry better operation; finally, the lighting of the low production cost, the price is also a rational adjustment, help enterprises to produce better quality products. In my opinion, for the enterprise, chip prices have a great impact on its packaging, light business would not, little impact on the entire market, but I think the price adjustment will benefit the industry "reshuffle", let the brand strength of the enterprise stand out, it will also be long-term development the health of the lighting industry, play a role in promoting. On the "price" industry sources said......

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