Shanghai has developed a core element based bonding film flip structure devices on the glass substrate
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Shanghai core element base using wafer level advanced packaging technology, combined with the patterned substrate with independent intellectual property rights (DPSS) and chemical stripping and wafer level chip transfer technology, developed a bond film flip device structure on the glass substrate (TFFCOG). The structure of the device as shown in the figure from top to bottom: thin film flip chip, glass substrate, the device has a smooth except around outside the optical cavity, forming packaging device with reflector. Device has the following advantages: 1, the cavity mirror, the light emitted by the device of single direction, which greatly improves the density of emitted light; 2, the easy processing of transparent glass substrate optical structure as a light channel, using metal electrode as a heat dissipating channel, luminous efficiency and the stability of the device is improved; 3, using wafer level packaging technology, the final size and the size of chip devices; 4, without the need for conventional package, can reduce the cost of more than 1/3. Chemical stripping substrate technology and wafer level chip Shanghai core element based transfer technology is the core technology of manufacturing Micro LED Display, not only can be used in the semiconductor lighting industry, also available in semiconductor power electronic devices, the development of China's third generation of semiconductor technology is of great significance, has now completed the global layout and related patents the registered trademark is expected to be early in 2017 to achieve mass production. Drawings:

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