M & a wave swept through the LED industry a new round of baptism
Source: Date:2018-03-28

According to the analysis of "the" 2015 national LED display market report pointed out: "affected by the national macro economic situation downward, the industry overall growth rate into the adjustment period. In 2015, the show continued to improve the overall scale of application of LED industry, the whole industry annual market totaled 32 billion yuan, up 30 billion 200 million yuan in the 2014 annual growth of 5.9%, the growth rate fell slightly compared to 2014." At the same time, the report said, "the next period of time, the industry will be in the leading backbone enterprises and listed companies under the allocation of resources, restructuring and market adjustment factors". Data show that from the beginning of 2013, the LED display industry and the amount of mergers and acquisitions rapid growth year after year, in 2013 this figure was 2 billion 600 million yuan; 6 billion yuan in 2014, representing the number and amount of mergers and acquisitions subject doubling the amount of more than 10 billion yuan; the acquisition in 2015. Indeed, the current domestic LED display industry has entered a new stage of depth adjustment. Barbaric growth, staking style development, profits business model has come to an end. From the incremental stock competition to competition, competition gradually shift from extensive first comprehensive strength in the capital, technology as the representative of the competition, competition factors of enterprise comprehensive strength, the brand gradually strengthened. In this context, the survival of small and medium enterprises severely squeezed, survival pressure suddenly increased, by holding, mergers and acquisitions have become a can not get rid of the problem lie in these enterprises on the road ahead. From the beginning of 2014, as the representative of the army in six mergers and acquisitions of listed companies on the LED display in the industry set off a "wave of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions in 2015 the amount of more than 10 billion yuan. And shows no sign of ending the first half of 2016, the industry's "merger" events are also frequently heard: May 9th, aibisen invested 4 million 500 thousand yuan to buy Artixium51% for $equity in May 20th 100%, Chau Ming technology holding Lampson technology; June 8th, the layout of the photoelectric digital media for $660 million to purchase three standard; June 14th, Lehman the acquisition of shares of Australian super giants Newcastle jets Club 100 stake; June 21st, Chau Ming technology and Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen city (mainly engaged in VR technology development and application) signed a "strategic cooperation agreement; June 28th, Linsen 300 million yuan capital development of crystal shareholding ratio rose to 25.50% in June 29th, Riyadh intends to 350 million yuan acquisition of transit lighting 100% stake; July 13th, alto electronics 100% acquisition QianBaiHui; In July 13th, Lehman shares intends to participate in the cooperation of investment into the VR theme park; July 28th, Dongshan precision intends 4 billion acquisition of U.S. enterprises MFLX in general, enterprises through horizontal mergers can bring economies of scale, increase their market share, suppress competition, improve the enterprises to enter the field of differential advantage barriers and enterprises. Such as the acquisition of Redio Lampson, Chau Ming technology; bigger the strongest LED industry chain through vertical merger, the depth of integration and optimization of the industrial chain of resources, improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises, such as cross-border business development of crystal Linsen holdings; can enable enterprises to lower the cost of diversified development, the company's main risk dispersing, implementation business transformation, such as the Alto electronics acquisition QianBaiHui lighting, cross-border cross-border mergers and acquisitions; is the enterprise more mining The market and profit space, such as the acquisition of U.S. Riyadh pingda electronic and PLANAR. Whatever the form of mergers and acquisitions, one part is the enterprise's own development strategy, is the enterprise survival and development needs, even in the enterprise development to a certain stage, as part of the main body of market competition to maintain the competitiveness indispensable. As an outsider, as a member of the industry within the circle, we are more interested in this round of mergers and Acquisitions: "how long the tide can be sustained? This round of mergers and acquisitions tide after the industry will show how a pattern and outlook? There are many small and medium-sized enterprises can survive? The international competitiveness of domestic enterprises LED display would be significantly improved? This is our expectation, we are willing to think about the problem.

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