China LED export situation is not optimistic about the manufacturing enterprises to abandon the low price strategy
Source: Date:2018-03-28

China export manufacturing enterprises is imperative to change the mode of operation. This is August 10th UPS released the "excellent Chinese made" enterprise 2016 "white paper research report to remind. The white paper shows that the overall economic China export manufacturing enterprises more than a year assessment is not optimistic. Compared to 2014, 16% of the China export manufacturing enterprises believe that the overall economic downturn, this year increased to 29% of the enterprises holding this view. Chinese export manufacturing enterprises are facing challenges in the supply and demand on both sides, one of the two most frequently mentioned challenges are: the competition between domestic enterprises, intense (39%) and declining demand for domestic customers (37%). "On the export of manufacturing enterprises, reduce the price is no longer the best solution to remain competitive, competitors can provide higher quality products (83%), to enhance the competitiveness of our customers (82%) and to provide a more rapid and more efficient supply chain (82%) is the main reason for the customer to change suppliers." UPS China President Li Songjiang told reporters, "this also shows that the manufacturing enterprises need to give up low-cost strategy, establish closer partnership with customers, provide higher quality products with added value." In the paper, a list of "some excellent case Chinese made" leading enterprises, their efficiency in production, market share, income level and profitability are better than other export manufacturing enterprises, the possibility of achieving growth significantly higher, business is in decline may be decreased by 7%. First of all, 97% "excellent Chinese made" leading companies in Asia at least to a market selling products, and other than the export manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to key markets in Asia and Europe, such as the possibility about the Thailand market than other export manufacturing enterprises is higher than 161%, the possibility of the Hongkong Market high concern 151%, France the market is 126% higher, the Indonesia market increased by 116%, 115% higher than the UK market. Compared with other enterprises, leading enterprises to the possibility of Oceania product sales was 6 times higher than the possibility of selling products to Eastern Europe is 2 times higher than. Secondly, 2/3 (64%) of the "excellent China" leading enterprises at the same time to B2B products and B2C sales, and other export manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to B2B. Again, "excellent China made" leading enterprises to choose the sales orientation of semi-finished products to manufacturing enterprises is 63% lower than the other export. This shows that the leading enterprises focus on product innovation and upstream value chain transfer, has turned to selling manufactured goods. "Excellent Chinese made" leading enterprises tend to be more aware of the coastal industrial electronic commerce (41%), (29%) and (24%) consumer e-commerce is a new trend in the industry, will have a huge impact on business.

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