VR with small spacing, true love is a misunderstanding?
Source: Date:2018-03-28

This year electronic industry is good, good lively crowded year, UAV, robotics, 3D printing, wireless charging, electric vehicle... All kinds of contests, and the picture to display category, there are three words of fire now or not, that is the "virtual reality", "OLED" and "small spacing". 2016 is known as the first year of VR, the big three (SONY, HTC, Oculus) has brought out their flagship VR, Goldman as "The Next Computing VR/AR praised Device, Google with the civilian version of cardboard to accelerate the popularization and the research are like market forecast, then mobile and VR collocation Demons and monsters danced like mad., too hurry pseudo machine, the virtual reality on the era of high, as if in tomorrow, virtual reality will change the world crazy. In contrast, OLED as the LCD Challenger early is not news, research OLED ten years ago has become a trend, but the OLED green, yield poor and not stable, not ready to go into the market, Taiwan and Japan in the development bottleneck gradually fade out the stop loss, but South Korea Obama are don't give up! So ten years of sword, a grinding mill, also do not know to wear a few, but the ground more smoothly, more wear more delicate, grinding to the other day a peerless master passing, happy to say: "Oh, I have never made a terrible distress o new moves! You look at the sword fiercely, rather than sell me!" The knight called Apple, apple is now very influential the prestige, the sword with a hero, it is worth over OLED complement each other, so not only three, all media crazy for OLED sedan chair, OLED has almost become the ultimate weapon to do that people want to have...... I'm sorry, far, is not the focus of today to speak of OLED, is to talk about the small space with VR, another new day on OLED. The concept of small spacing with the most straightforward way that is pulled high public display high quality, not because you look closely to see the mosaic and angry, so the pixel spacing to be very small, small spacing, LED has to follow this with small, recently began to fire micro LED concept is like the. Small spacing opportunities are mostly indoors, high quality + big screen can bring amazing results for advertising, exhibitions and other commercial applications, China as the largest display manufacturers, did not miss the natural reason of small spacing wave. Good lubrication was entered, small spacing, virtual reality and OLED are Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, put a lot of people, a lot of money, energy industry has been expanding, then there will be people who want to play again and again, this is the everlasting truth. The three main characters, small spacing and OLED are men, can only have a pure friendship, but the actress virtual reality debut, immediately before and OLED trick (indeed, objectively speaking, two people's personality and not), small spacing on the side watching jealous! My heart is not willing to ah! The story like you I predicted, small spacing jumped out, shouting: "I like a pair of VR is created by nature!" Riyadh, photoelectric, Shanghai think twice as small spacing families, natural no less out now, but others do not understand the actual volume, most of the relationship between the two? VR with small spacing, can really develop into love? The combination of the two concepts are not too specific, and a bit like said, embarrassed by his good hearted, night time, for you to the concept of VR+ small spacing are arranged into the following four points: 01, head mounted VR vs naked eye VR compared to the current public awareness of the headset (HMD VR), to display the contents of small spacing out from inside the helmet, a display that shows... Let's call him naked eye VR! This approach is not compatible with HMD device, can be said to be competitors, benefit is to solve the weight, speed, endurance, and put a bunch of stupid line restrictions to the head, but how to contact with virtual reality, achieve the immersive effect? You have to play a big question mark, with four walls surrounded by? Don't say a lot of technical problems to be discussed, to be sure, than the HMD VR more expensive and can not carry. Perhaps, this super non mainstream way, may be combined with the special field, the main non domestic market, I play one day, who knows? 02, VR broadcast this combination is not only reasonable, but also more specific, we often see in the exhibition, when the user experience of VR device, synchronous playback to see the picture next to the game player with a small screen space, don't forget to live entertainment, has been a strong energy market growth, this combination is meaningful the VR experience can both immersion and share. The concept of micro LED 03, the confusion of the concept of some articles, in fact only about the small spacing do micron level, so you can replace OLED, become the high-end VR HMD display panel balabala... Ah? Wait This is the micro LED? Yes, the same thing can be said that the concept of (LED as pixel), but the level is different, different, different practice difficulty. Let's say small pitch screen now said, do PPI 20 has Zunjue extraordinary, how much do VR? HTC Vive opened the micro LED specification, PPI is 2000! What a wonderful goal! Three years later we'll discuss it. 04, using VR for small spacing advertising wear VR helmet, you can see the complete installation of various small spacing effect, the absolute being also very reasonable, VR contains online experience and advertising in the commercial application, also can be used in LED lighting, or see the house, car and so on, it does is the application of virtual reality market greatly, and from VR to AR/MR, there is great development space and imagination, but so to say it is called "VR+ space" is a bit far fetched. To sum up, in the end VR with small spacing has no head? Well, so far have not seen such as OLED and VR met that day, the collision of the squeaky sparks, like the fiery noun for marketing, take this test the water boom.

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