Siu Chi, Hongli, Mason LED companies such as the layout of the 2018 list
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Dramexchange consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) in the latest 2017-2021 years LED industry supply and demand database shows that in 2017 the LED industry to benefit from the LED market price plus only steady, with the rapid growth of lighting and outdoor architectural landscape lighting field, LEDinside LED estimated 2017 output value reached $17 billion 160 million (+7.4% YoY).

Overall, the market continued to pick up LED in 2017, compared to previous years was significantly strengthen industrial activity. The LED market in 2018 will show how the trend? The major manufacturers will be how to layout? LEDinside edited the views of five companies, to readers.

Hongli Newell: 2018 LED market demand continues to maintain good posture

On the 2018 LED market trend, Hongli Newell believes that with the LED product technology continues to progress, the demand will increase the permeability of lighting, LED industry to transfer to the domestic, domestic LED package concentration will further enhance the promotion of these three factors, this year's LED market demand will continue to maintain good posture.

Hongli Newell's main business is divided into LED package, LED automotive lighting, car networking and Internet service owners three plates. According to statistics, as of now, Hongli Newell LED package monthly total production capacity in 2018 will be close to 5000KK, according to the market demand, combined with the actual situation of the company to implement expansion.

Li Zhi Hui said that the focus of future development in the automotive lighting business LED. The company has been locked LED chip supply; completed car LED product development and testing compliance level, at the beginning of 2018 will be extended or send samples to OEMs and LED lamp LED lamp module module manufacturers; company has started mass production, has begun to provide supporting services for Carrie shares, spring motor, Qianjiang motor, Magna etc..

In addition, Hongli Newell said, the company also for LED UV curing, deep ultraviolet sterilization operations, LED infrared security business, LED stage lighting for the corresponding industrial layout. The future, the company will continue to dig into the LED application field layout, new industry.

Mason technologies: in 2018 the industry will remain relatively stable growth

"The experience of domestic LED industry a few years ago, profits from the reshuffle to profit after the process, the whole industry gradually stabilized, the past two years, the domestic LED market gradually warmer, around 2017 LED industry overall size of 20% year-on-year growth is expected this year, industry will continue to maintain relatively stable growth. "Mason technologies such as LED is to look at the pattern of the market.

Allring technology, is currently the two main business (advertising, LED) parallel. The first three quarters of 2017, the company achieved operating income of 2 billion 60 million yuan, of which advertising revenue 1 billion 242 million, accounting for 60%, LED achieved operating income of 818 million yuan, accounting for 40%, the proportion of the entire 2017 year down they should be around 6:4.

About the future in the overall strategy of the LED plate, Mason technologies said, Future Ltd will continue to take the high road, on the premise of the consolidation of the existing packaging product competitive advantage, increase investment to the downstream industry chain extension. In the field of packaging to break back in the patent, increase the backlight product gross margin; lighting package field to further improve the proportion of self supporting, continue to promote the strategy of large customers; infrared line continues to improve higher margin 3C market share. At the same time, Mason technologies will focus its resources in the field of downstream lighting, focus on developing the city municipal public lighting and landscape lighting, the two segments of a new profit growth point.

In the past three years, allring Technology Mergers and acquisitions larger efforts, acquired a total of 5 companies. At present, the overall strategic allring technology is double main industry common development in the advertising plate "re integration, mergers and acquisitions, based on the existing light" company to achieve effective integration of the outbreak of the second plate performance, in the LED sector, unswervingly take the high-end route, based on existing strengths to consolidate their own packaging field, in the field of downstream lighting To achieve a strategic breakthrough of municipal public lighting and landscape lighting.

Mason said, the Future Ltd mergers and acquisitions more attention will be placed on the end plate LED lighting applications, will make strategic acquisitions in the specific qualifications and special products, do not scale mergers and acquisitions, and we will take a variety of mergers and acquisitions, rich industrial company.

FSL: future LED lamps accounted for increasing

With the market penetration of LED lighting products continue to improve, the FSL LED production scale also gradually increase the proportion of income LED, LED lighting has came to about 60%, accounting for the future of LED lighting will continue to increase, while the traditional light source for decreasing ratio.

After 2 years of hard work, FSL overseas sales of own brand development, the brand accounted for about 20% or so, in the future, the company will continue through various measures to improve the overseas market own brand sales volume, improve the independent brand market share. In addition, FSL intelligent lighting in 2017 to increase investment, has now completed three intelligent lighting control system intelligent lighting products and supporting products.

When it comes to strategic planning, in 2018, FSL said, with stronger, better and bigger for the strategic planning of the main idea, make the company become the lighting industry leading enterprises. One is through endogenous development, expand the scale of production, improve the automation level of production, focusing on the development of three plate lighting, electrical and automotive lighting; two is through the extension of the development of M & a suitable target, expand the company scale and the sales channels, increase market share; three is to increase the intelligent products, with each other Company's cooperation, improve the intelligence level of product development.

Auroral: continue to deep in the lighting industry, vigorously develop the Home Furnishing lighting

Mitsuo Aurora has focused on the development of the lighting industry since its inception, the current products are mainly commercial and tooling lighting, is currently working on research and development of technology in the professional lighting market, quality control, design services and other aspects of the advantages of transplanted to Home Furnishing lighting products market.

According to statistics, the implementation of the auroral distribution oriented sales model, marketing department and sales department is responsible for the operation of the market and sales management. The company has more than 3000 brand stores, some commercial lighting and lighting products currently involved in both Home Furnishing, Home Furnishing product sales more than 1500.

Three Aurora Hung said that the lighting industry a huge market space, industry concentration is low, the company continues to focus on a period of time in the future and deep in the lighting industry, while maintaining commercial lighting and lighting fixture market advantages, vigorously develop the Home Furnishing lighting products market, according to the actual situation of the market, the industrial chain layout.

Siu Chi shares: LED domestic industry to transfer, optimistic about the domestic enterprise development opportunities

In 2017, Siu Chi shares started to adjust the layout of the field in the LED application, the establishment of the Shenzhen City Siu Chi shares lighting Limited by Share Ltd. In addition, the company was founded in Nanchang high tech Zone Jiangxi Siu Chi Semiconductor Co. Ltd., engaged in design, manufacturing and sales of LED wafer and chip, so as to improve the company in the LED chip, package, application of lighting the whole industry chain layout, has an important strategic significance for the company's long-term sustainable development. Jiangxi Siu Chi semiconductor plant construction has started, plans in 2018 will be the equipment installation and commissioning in place and formally put into operation during the first half of the year.

The reason for the company to invest in LED industry, Siu Chi shares said, long cycle development of LED industry, is a key scientific and technological project of our country, the domestic policy support to effectively promote the development of industry, the application of LED is still in the expansion, expanding market demand, the downstream market has great development space, domestic LED The products are becoming more and more popular; at the same time, the United States, Europe, South Korea and Taiwan in these areas are in the domestic LED industry to transfer to the domestic enterprise to bring a very good opportunity for development.

LED industry is the extension and expansion of the existing industrial chain, and gradually become Siu Chi shares important business sector. As the industry demand and business scale expansion, LED chip has become an important factor restricting the company packaging and application of lighting business development, to make the industry bigger and stronger, we must build a complete industrial chain in order to have a stronger competitiveness. At the same time, Jiangxi Nanchang government hopes to build Nanchang into a LED industrial base, the country and the world's largest so in support of the Nanchang Municipal People's government, the construction companies to invest in Nanchang LED wafer and chip LED package projects and expansion projects, to create a LED chip, package, application field of lighting The layout of the industrial chain. Is the coordinated development of the whole industry chain will be worth about RMB 60-70 million yuan for the company's new production, can quickly enhance the overall competitiveness, to boost the company's rapid LED industry in the international market. (text: LEDinside Nicole)

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