SSLM has finished sapphire substrate production, and was Samsung divestment?
Source: Date:2018-05-13

The Nikkei News reported on 20, Sumitomo chemical (Sumitomo Chemical) has actually quit LED sapphire substrate, and the Samsung jointly funded the establishment of SSLM in South Korea has ended the production of sapphire substrate, and Samsung has withdrawn the SSLM investment.

SSLM, Samsung Sumitomo chemical in 2011 half funded the establishment of the company, which Sumitomo chemical raw materials "for sapphire alumina" heavyweight Samsung supplier, once the LED career as the core business of the two sides, originally planned by the "win", expand the emerging countries market LED market share, but because of The manufacturers of low-cost fierce offensive, leading to the cause of deterioration of the environment, forcing Samsung decided to reduce the cause of LED, also let SSLM go on to end the production of sapphire substrate fate.

SSLM Daegu factory production after the end of the sapphire substrate, the existing equipment will be converted to materials used in the production of lithium-ion battery, will become a "separation membrane (separator) special factory".

The diaphragm is used to determine the key materials for the safety of the battery, Sumitomo by chemical separation membrane products by Panasonic, Panasonic and U.S. shipments to Tesla (Tesla) joint operation "Gigafactory" super battery factory.

Source: MoneyDJ

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