India police uniforms for new clothes, to protect the safety of LED light source
Source: Date:2018-05-13

In the heavy traffic on the road, in the traffic police on duty personnel and the degree of risk is high, in order to ensure the safety of the traffic police, India Calcutta police recently replaced by LED light loading uniforms, uniforms, make driving at night or during the rain is more likely to pay attention to traffic on the road in the Personnel.

Senior officials in India Calcutta traffic police said that these LED equipped uniforms can let traffic policemen stay safe in the dark period, reduce the risk of traffic accidents. These equipment 1 years ago in the local launch, fog or haze, can ensure the safety of personnel on duty.

The designer will ring lamp device composed of red LED and blue LED in the current India military badges, there have been 1000, and in order to enhance the safety of the traffic police, the future will be issued to the 3000 traffic team personnel. And because the LED light will flash, driving over 500 meters can be found in the police, the police also reminded the protection of driving speed control.

Previously the famous India military accident with the bus at night when on duty, thus losing the legs, this event once again let the police noticed security personnel on duty. Said a traffic police sergeant, and the safety of night duty has been a topic of concern. The equipment makes them feel safer, especially in the winter time, because wearing a dark blue coat, more eye-catching white uniforms should not be noticed.

The LED lamp of wisdom uniform loading

Whether it is for safety or appearance, uniform LED can attract the attention of others, in 2016, the British easyJet airlines in flight attendant uniforms with LED lights, can be used as a billboard, and display the flight destination, and other information, in an emergency situation, but also can be used as a lighting.

While the company's ground and maintenance staff uniforms are equipped with a LED light source more, engineers don't have to take a flashlight to participate in the inspection work, and the uniform is equipped with air quality measuring device, pressure gauge and camera, can picture also spread to other people, meet the conditions, the airlines can respond more quickly. (text: LEDinside Daisy)

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