This week LED news summary: forecast technology research, plant lighting, performance
Source: Date:2018-05-13

In the past 2017, UV LED and plant lighting niche application is gradually "blitz", this week's LED circle, UV LED on plant lighting, and other new technology research have to show in front of everyone, we constantly refresh the understanding of LED.

This new breakthrough research: neonatal jaundice can accept LED phototherapy at home

With the wearable device and the Internet become increasingly popular, its scope of application is not only confined to 3C consumer products, the future more flexible and portable wearable smart products will be launched recently, Rhode Island College (URI) students will study a combination of LED phototherapy medical jumpsuit, has jaundice of the newborn can at home Accept phototherapy, doctors also can be received the physiological data.

* the Singapore team developed ultra-thin LED, help future communication technology

National University of Singapore physics and chemistry professor Goki Eda led the research team successfully developed a high-performance ultra-thin LED, which contains only a few layers of carbon atoms, which can effectively reduce the LED effect of light in electric energy loss. The research team found that by preventing current from the light emitting layer (Emissive, Layer, EML) leak to the metal electrode (Metal Electrodes) can significantly reduce the energy loss. The ultra-thin LED can be used in the next generation communication technology.

AGC development of new quartz lens, simplified UV LED process

Asahi (Asahi Glass AGC) has been developed for quartz lens UV LED. It is understood that the process of quartz lens using the improved UV LED can simplify and reduce the cost of capital investment. The quartz mirror prototype will be in the third quarter of 2018 output, and is expected to begin production in 2019.

* Swiss research: new quantum dots to make LED lighter, faster response

In order to stimulate more color light, scientists have been studying quantum dots (Quantum, Dots, DQ), and the Swiss research team found that cesium lead halide (Caesium Lead Halide) of the quantum dots can make LED more light and light is faster.

One of the researchers of the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology Professor Maksym Kovalenko by the composition and size by changing the nano micro crystal, can produce different wavelengths of visible light, and applied to LED and display.

* the LED plant factory technology won the two national science and Technology Progress Award

The day before the national science and technology award 2017 annual awards ceremony held in Beijing Great Hall of the people. Announced at the national science and technology award 2017 annual results. Ji Chang of agricultural environment and Sustainable Development Institute researcher Yang led by "high efficiency and low energy consumption of key technology and system integration of LED intelligent plant factory" won the national science and Technology Progress Award two.

This study found that: using a special LED lamp, only half of the time of planting wheat

Scientists have found a method of planting wheat growing two times faster than the normal speed.

According to the research team leader Brande Wulff said, in general, crops from seed to harvest in 4 to 5 months. In contrast, the team used LED lamp specializes in transforming culture crops, only 8 weeks. In the UK John Innis of Norwich (John Innes Centre) plant research center, the research team every day and provide abundant nutrient solution on plant irradiation for 22 hours.

In the development of LED lighting technology plant at the same time, some large enterprises and the layout of the first LED plant farm, or in the original concept of innovation. In addition, many big coffee this week in all areas LED the exhibition skill, very lively.

It backed by Amazon, Softbank, Plenty intends to build 300 LED farm in China

According to Reuters, the American indoor agriculture startup Plenty Inc is Chinese city for the new farm in search of land, which is used as the company to establish high-tech facilities in the world within the scope of a part, they built facilities using LED lights to grow organic vegetables in the warehouse.

Plenty CEO Matt (Matt Barnard) Barnard told Reuters on Wednesday, Chinese may have at least 300 such large farms. The company behind the supporters of Amazon and Japanese investment company Softbank group technology.

The two generation of three plants have been put into production in the factory. After the Spring Festival, will expand production capacity

Recently, the reporter learned from the Quanzhou Municipal Commission by letter, the two generation plant plant biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd plant factory part of the project, namely medicinal plants (Anoectochilus factory production line) has been officially put into operation, the first batch of anoectochilusroxburghii products have been sold out, after the Spring Festival will expand production capacity.

By leveraging LED, Sweden 16 storey plant buildings "annual output reached 550 tons.

It is reported that a Swedish food technology company Plantagon has released a program called "the office building design of plant building", and plans in Sweden Ostergotland Linkping city (Link? Ping) to build the first such a magnificent indoor farm + office building.

In the building, all the plants will by hydroponics (do not use soil to grow plants, only through the water carrying nutrients required for plant growth and support plant root planting material). Plantagon CEO Hans Hassle said that all of the farmland will also use the automation management. This will cost $40 million project has started preliminary construction in 2012, the completion date is scheduled for 2020.

* Alto electronic double Yi billion project bid Ruo

13, alto electronics announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen QianBaiHui Lighting Engineering Co. Ltd. sent Qingdao city government services and public resource management office recently in the "letter of acceptance". Notice of confirmation of QianBaiHui as' beautiful Qingdao 'important action along the road lighting upgrade project (Hongkong Road, East Road, Macao Road) project general contracting four bid, the winning bidder. The price of 188090000 yuan project.

* Elec-Tech has been with ten distribution companies signed the equity acquisition agreement of intent

15, Elec-Tech announcement, as of now, the company has signed the equity acquisition agreement of intent and ten distribution enterprises. In addition, due to planning major equity acquisition, the stock since January 2, 2018 opening date will be suspended. It is understood that the target company belongs to LED lighting products distribution industry.

According to the above photo. Dry shareholders holding 5% cumulative reduction of 7 million 340 thousand shares

16, changelight announcement, the company received shareholder holding more than 5% of Mr. Wang Weiyong's holdings of shares totaled 1% of the notice, the total holdings of shares totaling 7340000 shares, the total share capital of the company (716403311 shares) 1.02%. The equity changes, Mr. Wang Weiyong holds 72624027 shares of the company shares, the total share capital of the company (716403311 shares) of 10.14%, the company is still holding more than 5% shareholders.

Qinshang. Transfer of shares LED screen manufacturer caiyida stake

The 16 day, KingSun shares announcement, the company intends to development and Huatong Group Limited, Zheng Jian, Zheng Yong, Zhang Fenglian and the company's subsidiary Beijing caiyida Technology Company Limited signed the "investment agreement", according to the "investment agreement" agreement, related parties in the transfer of caiyida capital and the company to the relevant parties to part At stake, the company holds caiyida equity ratio will decrease from 51% to 23%.

TI of headlight application, is expected in the second half of a large number of suppliers

Semiconductor integrated device manufacturers (TI TI) recently in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) announced into the headlights, headlight system for high resolution DLP display technology, at present, potential customers have adopted the chip group and design of high resolution headlight system, is expected in the second half of this year big fan During delivery.

* Crystal Electric: VCSEL orders, Mini LED and other vehicle development opportunities

According to reports, EPISTAR has added client authentication in optical communication with the VCSEL, and received 25G VCSEL orders, this year will be another new customer and 3D sensor in customer certification.

EPISTAR spokesman Zhang Shixian said, 2018 EPISTAR more opportunities than in the past, including Mini LED, VCSEL, automotive, plant lighting, as well as new TV with CSP backlight solution.

By increasing the policy support, the establishment of Nanchang city LED silicon industry development fund

17, the reporter learned from the government departments, Jiangxi Province issued "on the support of LED engineering technology research center of Nanchang science and technology achievement transformation national silicon implementation plan", give full play to the Nanchang state silicon based light emitting diode (LED) advantages of silicon LED original technology Engineering Research Center, accelerate the original silicon based LED Technology Industrialization, cultivate a number of original silicon LED technology based on the strength of enterprises and brand-name products, the development of LED industry in the province of Nanchang to build boost, Optics Valley.

In addition, after last week's performance forecast curtain, Sanan optoelectronics, HC semitek, Abison Chan, Poly Group and ledone optoelectronics, rectangular have this week released 2017 performance forecast, the growth and decline.


Greatly enrich one's mind The application of LED had this operation secret: why more gym using LED lighting? Look at the development of Micro LED from CES, the existing 3 vendors resorted to the product is regarded as a trend of display technology, Micro LED can shake OLED status?

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