Crystal: VCSEL orders, Mini LED and other vehicle development opportunities
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Taiwan electric new products this year is full of opportunities, especially VCSEL (VCSEL) more attractive. According to reports, EPISTAR has added client authentication in optical communication with the VCSEL, and received 25G VCSEL orders, this year will be another new customer and 3D sensor in customer certification.

EPISTAR chairman Li Bingjie said that the crystal electric current VCSEL is used in optical communication, for the Taiwan region and the mainland manufacturers OEM, and currently EPISTAR also received HDMI transmission to VCSEL orders, as used in consumer 3D sensing, is currently in the certification to the customer when.

EPISTAR spokesman Zhang Shixian said that the development of television to 4K, especially Japan to meet the Olympic Games to push 8K TV, transmission speed fast, so the HDMI line from the current copper to VCSEL, VCSEL shipments of crystal electric is used in 25G transmission.

It is understood that the crystal electric in the VCSEL more and more customers, in addition to the original Taiwan OEM factory, last year, a new client authentication is successful, will begin to ship this year, and this year there will be new customers to join. VCSEL is the focus of development this year EPISTAR, currently has five MOCVD machine to ten units to 6 inch capacity, 2018 VCSEL is expected to have a revenue contribution.

Zhang Shixian said, 2018 EPISTAR more opportunities than in the past, including Mini LED, VCSEL, automotive, plant lighting, as well as new TV with CSP backlight solution. But will also face some challenges, such as the mainland's trade expansion, the supply and demand variables exist.

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