Give the thumbs-up The LED plant factory technology won the two national science and Technology Progress Award
Source: Date:2018-05-13

The day before the national science and technology award 2017 annual awards ceremony held in Beijing Great Hall of the people. Announced at the national science and technology award 2017 annual results. Ji Chang of agricultural environment and Sustainable Development Institute researcher Yang led by "high efficiency and low energy consumption of key technology and system integration of LED intelligent plant factory" won the national science and Technology Progress Award two.

Yang Ji Chang researcher led the team first proposed the "light plant formula" concept and its theoretical basis, to create a light LED energy-saving light source and its formula of light environment control technology based on. Photosynthetic response characteristics of different spectrum based on the proposed plant "light formula" concept, construction parameter optimization formula in different growth stages of typical light crops. Create a formula based on red light (660nm) and blue (450nm) chip, combined with blue chip and phosphor excitation type multi spectral combination (R/G/B/FR) LED energy-saving light source; the development of plant development characteristics of the mobile LED light source and light environment control technology based on the significant reduction of light energy consumption, saving 50.9%.

Plant factory temperature energy-saving light coupling method is proposed for the first time, the invention of the energy-saving control technology of outdoor cold source and air conditioning thermostat based on collaboration. Night outdoor air contains cold source, light air-conditioning cooling high energy consumption based on the reality, proposed for the first time in the night light period, the introduction of natural cold source outdoor cooling "light - temperature coupling energy-saving method, the invention of the outdoor cold source and air conditioning thermostat collaborative plant factory energy saving equipment based on environmental control technology, significantly reduced air conditioning Energy consumption. Compared with the traditional air conditioning cooling, energy-saving rate of 24.6-63.0%.

The invention of the UV- nano TiO2 nutrition co processing technology and continuous light before harvest short-term boost vegetable quality, research and development to enhance the quality of vegetables nutrition regulation technology of light based on collaboration. The invention of the UV- nano TiO2 synergistic treatment of nutrient solution method from toxic substances, is proposed for the first time before harvest short-term continuous light new technology to control the quality of vegetable, proved the lifting parameters and control strategy optimization of light environment the quality of vegetables, reduce the nitrate content in the leafy vegetables more than 30%, and increased the content of Vc and soluble sugar.

The development of plant factory lighting, energy and nutrition to enhance the quality of the environment and nutrition multi factor coordination, integration to create a series of 3 intelligent LED plant factory complete sets of products. Proven light formula, light - temperature coupling and nutrition enhancing the quality of multi factor cooperation control logic control strategy and algorithm based on the development of IOT based intelligent control technology of plant factory, the plant factory temperature and humidity, illumination, the concentration of CO2 and EC, pH, DO nutrient elements such as online detection, remote Access, update and intelligent network control program. Integrated to create a series of 3 intelligent LED plant factory complete technology products: the scale of production type, movable type, family micro plant factory.

The results obtained 86 patents, including 42 invention patents (the United States and other international patent 4), published 112 papers (including SCI and EI included 38 papers), published 5 monographs, and create the scale of production type, mobile type, family micro plant factory and other products.

"6 2016 LED intelligent plant factory technology" as the agricultural field of major scientific and technological achievements, to participate in the national "Twelfth Five" science and Technology Innovation Exhibition, widely praised by the community, known as the "disruptive technology, land use and farming practices".

The world famous experts, Japan Society of plant factory plant factory director, former president of Chiba University in Japan's ancient Shu Feng professor give high evaluation result of the project: "the factory Technology Academy of plant China in the international leading level in the light of the formula and LED light source, light temperature control and other aspects of energy coupling environment. "

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