TI of headlight application, is expected in the second half of a large number of suppliers
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Semiconductor integrated device manufacturers (TI TI) recently in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) announced into the headlights, headlight system for high resolution DLP display technology, at present, potential customers have adopted the chip group and design of high resolution headlight system, is expected in the second half of this year big fan During delivery.

De Yi said that the new DLP chip technology is used in the market only with programmable and high resolution products, can provide more than 1 million addressable pixels for each car headlights, and the resolution is higher than the current initiative to adjust the headlighting system ten thousand times.

The German instrument further pointed out that car manufacturers and tier one suppliers can use the new programmable active adjust headlight design solutions headlight system, greatly improve the driving headlight brightness, and reduce a glare from oncoming vehicles and traffic signal light. The technique can be applied to any light source system, including LED and laser illumination. Engineers can also use can be customized beam mode, more precise control of the distribution of laser beam on the road.

De Yi said that the use of flexible DLP technology, vehicle manufacturers and tier one suppliers can be developed and headlight system programming software and small optical parts matching, and improve the headlight performance without affecting the design style of the. The system engineer also can dilute the whole or part of the headlights of pixels, using the technology so that the driver can open the headlights on various roads, and does not affect the other driver's line of sight.

Ti added, high resolution DLP technology allows the headlights projected on the road information, and let the car manufacturers and tier one suppliers will be changed to the new car headlight system communication. The road light projection technology can strengthen exchanges between driving and driving and pedestrian traffic between the communication needs for future automatic driving and unmanned vehicle provides a feasible solution for.

Source: Apple instant

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