A new LED foreign bridge lighting and train that God synchronization
Source: Date:2018-05-13

A railway bridge in Croatia were the unique lighting transformation, LED lighting can be displayed dynamically according to the train by the state.

This bridge is located in Croatia, capital of Zagreb, in the local North called "Hendrix Bridge", 300 meters long bridge, bridge is green. In the evening, the bridge bathed in almost all white light, the arch bridge, clear and elegant design.

But when the train approached, the sensor will detect the white light, black, the bridge looks like it has disappeared. Then, the first car of the train crossed the bridge, color LED lights will light up and synchronized with the train speed, the train bridge and train forward, forming a moving ribbon. After the train departs from the bridge, white light and bright back.

From the top of the lighting designer Dean Skira designed the bridge, PHILPS lighting lamp. He said: "most of the bridges are utilitarian. They rarely use light as a medium to enhance the beauty of the project. "

The railway bridge to make the surrounding areas more attractive. Ivan Babi of the city's Infrastructure Services Department said, "our goal is to enhance the image of the city of Zagreb City, which is part of our ascension city life plan around the Sava river. "

The innovative LED lighting has now become a tourist attraction, people often stopped to take photos. "(Translation: LED James)

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