Which of the 5 main factors affecting the service life of the LED lamp?
Source: Date:2018-05-13

A long time if you use a light source, you will gain huge economic benefits and reduce carbon footprint. According to the system design, the flux reduction is a normal process, but can be ignored. When the flux reduction time is very slow, the maintenance system will keep in good condition without the need for a long time.

Compared with other light source in many applications, LED is more outstanding. In order to maintain a good state of the system, need to consider the following 5 factors.


Manufacture of LED lights and LED modules and drivers are in a certain range of current. According to its characteristics, from 350mA to 500mA current LED. Many systems are high value regions in the current range of driving.

Acidic condition

In acidic conditions, LED is also very easy to be affected, such as in the coastal high salt content, in the use of chemicals or product manufacturing factory, or in the indoor swimming pool. Although LED is also made for these areas, but have to carefully package to the housing closed, and have a high degree of protection IP.

Quantity of heat

Heat will affect the luminous flux and the life cycle of LED. The radiator system can avoid overheating. The system heat means LED lamp can allow the ambient temperature is exceeded. LED's life depends on the ambient temperature.

Mechanical stress

In manufacturing, accumulation or simple operation of LED, mechanical stress will also affect the service life of the LED lamp, even destroy the LED lamp. Pay attention to the electrostatic discharge (ESD), because it will cause the pulse transient but high current, thus damaging the LED and LED driver.


The performance of LED depends on the ambient humidity. Because in a humid environment, electronic equipment, metal parts often will soon start to rust, damage, therefore, try to avoid wet LED system. (compiled: LED James)

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