The Singapore team developed ultra-thin LED, help future communication technology
Source: Date:2018-05-13

National University of Singapore scientists have developed such ultra-thin light emitting diode (Llight Emitting Diode, LED), is expected to be used in the next generation communication technology.

On the information processing technology, telecommunications number (Electrical) complete conversion into light signal (Optical Signals) is very important, if the transmission of a large number of messages for energy saving, high speed LED integration on a chip.

Because the graphite alkene structure of two-dimensional (Graphene-like) carbon atoms only thickness, with clear luminescence properties and can be placed in the micro chip, semiconductor materials become very popular in recent years. At present, the research team used graphene materials to produce LED, but only part of the current electricity to light effect will be converted into light, most of it is converted to heat dissipation, to achieve high efficiency of LED is still a big challenge.

National University of Singapore physics and chemistry professor Goki Eda led the research team successfully developed a high-performance ultra-thin LED, which contains only a few layers of carbon atoms, which can effectively reduce the LED effect of light in electric energy loss. The research team found that by preventing current from the light emitting layer (Emissive, Layer, EML) leak to the metal electrode (Metal Electrodes) can significantly reduce the energy loss.

Research shows that a few nanometers thick insulating layer can suppress the leakage current, does not require additional resistance. The team through the use of very thin insulator, substantially reduce the trigger current required for LED light, 10000 times less than the current two-dimensional semiconductor LED.

Professor Eda said, "because we are designed to ensure that the least wasted power, equipment can operate at very low current, this technology will have a great impact on the future of communication technology. "(text: LEDinside Annie)

LED more information, please click on the LED network or the WeChat public account (cnledw2013).

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