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Source: Date:2018-05-13

In recent years, LED applications continue to expand, from general lighting, display backlight lighting, medical lighting, automotive lighting and other plants, and then to the innovative application of offbeat, almost penetrated into all aspects of basic necessities of life of people. Recently, Japanese exhibitors in CES 2018 shows LED false eyelashes again refresh the public eye.

In fact, before there are so many and so on LED applications including LED skirt, offbeat, LED shoes, LED plate etc.. LEDinside editor today is a summary of part LED a look at offbeat applications.

Green flashing bright blind your eyes! Japan developed a LED false eyelashes

Ritsumeikan University of Japan Customs Longguo Professor team announced in January 11th, and Shiseido jointly developed the use of "wireless transmission" technology "false eyelashes, light and produce products". The false eyelashes can emit green light, flashing and according to the music. The team said, is expected to use in the singer's concert".

The product is light principle, from the power supply device for conveying electromagnetic wave is equivalent to about 10 watts of power, small power receiver through the false eyelash root ca. 35 mm, weighing about 0.2 grams of receiving power, so that the luminescence of LED.

False eyelashes emitting existing visible wires and other restrictions. The prototype in order not to affect the health of users, the use of the transmission device is arranged at 1.5 meters away. The need for security products to confirm the work, time to market has not yet been determined.

The team has 4 male students to participate in the development, they personally try to wear false eyelashes, and listen to the views of female students, on the luminescence false eyelashes were improved.

ThinkGeek LED stars skirt, combined with wearable technology and LED constellation

In 2016, the United States interest business ThinkGeek launched a LED Twinkling Stars skirt shining stars Skirt, a combination of wearable LED technology and precise constellation, especially attractive to the eye. This skirt is composed of three layers, including white, lined with a layer of white yarn and the perspective of the constellation layer".

ThinkGeek 250 LED lights connected together by three wires, one bag to be used for battery. This skirt is priced at $59.99.

The shoes evolved: equipped with LED screen, can play VR or AR games

In 2016, the U.S. start-up companies to design a "LED shoes", as for the word "shoes" giving a new definition, not only through the curved LED screen, change shoe appearance, but also combined with wireless transmission and APP, VR or AR game.

This pair of shoes with LED, waterproof thermal bending, but also wireless charging, charging two hours with eight hours of power. This pair of shoes can change LED screen, can let the user customized, with thousands of unique design and picture. In addition to the display of images, but also collocation VR software. Dynamic detection system with VR or AR fusion of the world.

On the back of the LED Earrings worn on the ear

This is not only a creative LED Earrings decorative products, it also has a safety warning function. Because it is LED, so the night walk on the road, people can see you better. This does not need to be pierced earrings, whether can be worn for the elderly or children. However, and general LED earrings is different it is worn on the ear back from the front, so it was impossible to see any earrings, wear it, you can add some surprises and fun for you.

With the LED optical plate

Foreign design website yankodesign shared a named "Light Dish" plate, the plate built-in LED light source and power settings, from the top of the plate sends flowery white, making food containers, looks more delicious.

The unique design of this new material, designed by the architect DesignLibero, is the art and science of mutual penetration, a new way to show the wonderful food accident.

Relieve the Japanese company invented the translucent LED lamp bathtub

In early 2013, a Japanese company has invented a LED lighting used in bath, looks very dreamy. Seven LED energy-saving breathing lamp built-in this bathtub can change color, can regularly change its color, let the bathtub produce a dreamy effect. At the same time, the company claims that this fantastic tub can visually make the user experience "in the bath, bath treatment" pleasure, so as to relax completely, relieve the nervous objective.

Of course, as a regular contact with water and other liquids products, LED lamps are used in this bathtub built-in waterproof treatment. It is also a capacity of 350 liters of water, enough to meet the needs of the users of the water in the bathtub.

But this seems to make the bathtub built-in LED lamp light from inside out, the bathtub design into a translucent material. So I do not know whether this bathtub will give users the feeling of insecurity.

With LED display bicycle

Monkeylectric company has launched MonkeyLight bicycle wheel LED decorative lights, with the rotation of the wheel, you can see not only the colorful lights, MonkeyLight will let you into a magic bike wheels, is absolutely the night scenery, the focus of attention of passers-by, and highlight the unique personality of the owners.

Subsequently, Monkeylectric company launched MonkeyLight LED upgraded version of bicycle wheel lights.

Foreign photographers developed LED special bow

Foreign photographers had developed a special bow with LED display function, arrangement of musicians as usual play, with LED light and long exposure photography recording musicians action, create LED visual spectrum.

The photographer said, "let us scientific diversification can increase the photography, through a special bow with LED display function, the musician time wave will appear short stay for a moment, we will complete its capture by photography, can form a visual music spectrum of cool, and we developed The special bow according to time change can transform the color, the color of the gradient, can clear to see that the performance for the entire duration. "

The magic beauty technology LED light mask

In 2012, LED came into light mask. LED mask is using the principle of light irradiation, and thoughtful design patent, allowing users to use LED low carbon environmental protection technology, safe and simple, can be used to achieve the maintenance of the skin. The use of wavelength 633nm ~ 660nm red LED, and let the light of human natural photosynthesis, eliminate wrinkles and shrink pores, promote collagen and elastin regeneration ratio, different from the general problems of mask immersed, no chemical additives, so LED technology to awaken your young face. Open the built-in LED light mask, you will find more and more amazing technological sense, although only 32 LED light, but the red light distribution is very uniform, the face will feel hot because of red light irradiation.

"Capricious" toilet light LED

In 2015, a man named illumibowl small device can make the toilet light, has attracted a lot of attention. Illumibowl is a clear goal, adornment sex is very strong. When we wake up in the middle of the night, often need to switch to grope in the dark to find the bathroom. But suddenly lit up the strong lights, many people will feel very harsh. In addition, many people in the bathroom colors are very monotonous, not white is the color of the wood, not only makes us feel numb, and seems less a joy of life.

This is called a IllumiBowl device with a motion sensor to detect when someone enters the Restroom, will automatically light up, users will be automatically extinguished after leaving. This design from the American state of Utah at the age of 23, Matt Alexander, said he was very hate night to open the toilet lamp, thus the idea.

The LED lamp is mounted on the side close to the seat, to illuminate the whole toilet. The color of the lamp can be converted between red, orange, green, blue, purple and white, the user can through a switch to change the color of. (text: LEDinside Nicole)

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