Lighting expert interpretation: more and more stadiums by reason... Behind LED.
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Sports lighting has come a long way in a short period of time. Since 2015, major league sports in the United States nearly 25% teams from the venues have been converted to traditional metal halide lamps more adaptable, more energy-efficient LED. For example, the major league baseball occupation Seattle mariners and the Dezhou Rangers, and the national football league's Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings, etc..

Eaton Corp Ephesus Lighting CEO Mike Lorenz recently introduced LED system of major league sports facilities, and why so many teams to use LED technology.

According to Lorenz, the most advanced site selection LED system there are three major reasons: the improvement of television and enhance the fan experience, reduce long-term operating costs.

LED lighting and control can improve the television

Play an important role in the long term effect of television lighting evolution. From the professional sports league to the college game, LED by eliminating the slow motion replay strobe (very common this problem in the metal halide lamp) to strengthen the television. Equipped with advanced LED lighting, these fragments can now speed of 20000 frames per second without blinking to play, so fans can carefully capture replay every second.

When using LED to illuminate the venue, because LED lighting can achieve a balance between warm and cool colors, so the image on TV is more bright and clear. Almost no shadow, glare or black spots, therefore, keep clear and smooth. The LED system can be adjusted according to the venue, the game time and relay race type.

The LED system can enhance the fans in the game experience

With the help of LED lighting system, the fans have a better experience, not only improve the viewing of the game, but also enhance the participation of the audience. LED has immediate opening function, so you can rest or break in the half immediately adjust the lighting. Imagine, if you love the team in the first half of the last five seconds of pitching shots, just go to the timer 0 seconds, lights and shots, the fans will be what kind of reaction. The LED system can be used to control the lighting division tailored to this moment, encouraging morale. In turn, the fans will feel that they are part of the game.

Advanced lighting system can reduce the operation cost

Lighting technology makes LED operating costs more attractive than the past, than the metal halide lamps and other traditional lighting more affordable. The installation of the LED stadium can save the total energy cost of 75% to 85%.

So, what is the total cost of the project? The average cost of installing arena ranging from $125 thousand to $400 thousand, while the stadium installation costs from $800 thousand to $2 million, depending on the stadium area, lighting facilities etc.. With energy saving and cost reduction, usually see LED system return on investment in a few years.

The adoption rate of LED is rising. Next time, when you cheer in the stands, or to watch the game in the comfort of your home, please take some time to think about the efficacy of LED. (compiled: LED James)

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