A new breakthrough in the research of neonatal jaundice: acceptable LED phototherapy at home
Source: Date:2018-05-13

With the wearable device and the Internet become increasingly popular, its scope of application is not only confined to 3C consumer products, the future more flexible and portable wearable smart products will be launched recently, Rhode Island College (URI) students will study a combination of LED phototherapy medical jumpsuit, has jaundice of the newborn can at home Accept phototherapy, doctors also can be received the physiological data.

Because the liver or spleen, jaundice patients to metabolism of bilirubin in the blood of normal, cause eye and skin yellow. At present, the mainstay of therapy for neonatal jaundice phototherapy "box", the box lights to decompose the bilirubin, but inside the baby during treatment with the parents to physical contact, and need to use protective glasses to protect eyes.

The named "Jaundice Suit" wearable device is equipped with hundreds of LED lights with baby romper, arms, legs and torso covering the baby, and the Jumpsuit can be networked and collect human physiological data, LED lamp can also remote control. Research student Joshua Harper said, this device overcomes the shortcoming of the past equipment.

LED lamp Jaundice built-in Suit can decompose the infant bilirubin in the body, avoid the eyes of the children received phototherapy damage in medical research, the doctor can remote measurement of heart rate and activity state data other than the hospital records of patients, parents are more likely to engage in nursing. But its drawback is that covers only the trunk and limbs, longer treatment time.

LED study on effective jaundice phototherapy

Swiss Confederation material research and development test (EMPA) in early November of last year have similar research, the neonatal jaundice wearable LED phototherapy using special pajamas, weaving, fiber and textile technology make the combination and use the LED settings for the optical fiber guide light tube, control the braiding angle, let the light wavelength Keep at about 470nm, and exposure to the skin.

Neonatal jaundice is one of the common diseases in infants, all countries have put into research, and with the development of LED technology, there are LED light therapy. According to the Danish Aalborg University hospital (Aalborg University Hospital) in the 2015 study, 459nm and blue LED light wavelength and wavelength of 497nm Turquoise LED have effect on the treatment of jaundice.

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