[LED] Micro/Mini LED this week around the screen, notice the performance of the curtain
Source: Date:2018-05-13

The annual CES is a science and technology event, will undoubtedly become the current hot topic, all kinds of cutting-edge technologies and products is the focus of attention of the industry. In CES 2018, Samsung launched a modular Micro LED TV 146 inch The Wall "(wall). This move will Micro LED once again pushed to the spotlight, the Micro LED message is also rampant, naturally including regarded as Micro LED Mini LED transitional product.

Samsung - modular MicroLED CES 146 inch TV debut!

Samsung CES 2018 introduced the modular Micro LED TV "146 inch The Wall" (wall). The "The Wall" television can be connected together with other equipment, a larger screen. Users can add the screen to the "The Wall", no upper limit for the number of screen added.

LEDinside analysis, because the current LCD and OLED panel production costs more than 100 inches in surge, thus giving the Micro a chance LED TV can cut point. When the future technology and production process of Micro LED is gradually mature, will have the opportunity to cut into the mainstream size.

CES 2018:Micro LED, Mini LED and other new products have been launched

During CES 2018, in addition to the 146 inch modular Micro LED TV "Samsung The Wall" (wall), with the development of the panel, the first AM Mini LED car, officially unveiled for the first time in the world.

AM Mini LED Innolux said, precise control of current, bright screen can improve several times than usual brightness, this is the OLED material unattainable; dark screen brightness is close to zero, in contrast, up to 1000000 more than 1 of the performance, the picture information can be more clear and bright. AM Mini LED automotive products, with thousands of light partition number (Local Dimming Zones), in the picture sharpness, contrast, and OLED can not only meet as equals even better than OLED, more suitable for automotive applications, and will not appear such as high temperature resistant OLED poor reliability, short service life, the ghost brand etc..

Micro - LED bar OLED! Samsung, LG each have its "main"

The next generation who led panel, Samsung and LG cross bar! LG Display (LGD) OLED panel maker, behind its own OLED, increased investment $20 trillion won. Samsung has launched the "new Micro LED" don't sign. Pulse reports, LGD CEO Han Xiangfan (Han Sang-beom) said that the next few years will invest 20 trillion won ($18 billion 700 million) investment OLED, OLED hopes to become the main products in 2020, increased to 40% from the current 10%, in 2020 the company production proportion.

- prepare for the Mini LED crystal electric capacity, optimistic about the second half of the products listed after the outbreak

Taiwan manufacturers, crystal electric peers as early as input Mini LED technology development, and customers also want to grab the first, it is understood that the crystal electric explosion inside good business in the second half after the listing of products.

The first half of the year will be planning crystal electric machine and Mini LED capacity to prepare, the second half is expected to be busy with the client demand, plus a variety of products listed together, inside the second half is expected to be very busy, very busy. The second half of the expected LED products include mobile phone equipped with Mini, TV, gaming products, the gaming products line is expected to 2019 will be launched, but in the customer actively designed in advance to seize the market, gaming items in advance to the second half of this year is expected to see.

In terms of current mobile phone each with 4000 Mini LED calculations, if a year by Mini LED mobile phone backlight into 15 million branches, one year amounted to 60 billion, the annual demand of 2 inch wafer capacity equivalent to 1 million 500 thousand, the monthly production capacity of 100 thousand pieces of demand; TV to be larger, if the use of a TV star number 10 thousand, annual sales of 100 Million units, production demand for the year 10 million, the monthly production demand for the 167 thousand jordan 2 inch wafer.

HUAWEI, millet and other Mini targeting LED screen, will be used in the new machine?

Industry sources, the well-known intelligent mobile phone manufacturers including HUAWEI, OPPO and millet, using mini LED backlit display of intelligent mobile phone plans to launch in the second half of this year, Taiwan area China has asked the panel manufacturers to start production work from June this year.

The source also said that with the improvement of technological progress and product design, the number of 6 inch smart mobile phone screen to mini LED chip is reduced from 9000 to 4000, which helps to reduce the cost, improve the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers using mini LED will display.

In Micro LED, Mini LED screen in the week, LED industry also ushered in the performance forecast period. As of 12, Riyadh, uomnilamp, Chau Ming technology, three male Aurora has already disclosed the 2017 annual results notice. In addition, the Department of Taiwan manufacturers were also fully lit December "report".

- Riyadh, uomnilamp, Chau Ming technology, Mitsuo Aurora disclosed 2017 annual results notice

From the data of 4 companies have issued a notice of view, the overall good harvest last year, were given a pre hi performance forecast. On the increase in net profit, uomnilamp maximum expected growth rate of 100%, followed by the state of science and technology, Riyadh, Mitsuo aurora.

The Department of Taiwan LED manufacturers December performance list, and the

LEDinside, according to incomplete statistics, there are ten Taiwan LED manufacturers announced in 2017 December performance. The crystal December revenue for lighting customers covering shipments also rose LED Blu ray drive. Lunda, light, light, the East Bay Hong billion in December last year revenue minus 17.89% and 27.8% years respectively, 15.72% and 26.1%, mainly due to the company operating in the business period of adjustment. Guang Lei, Ding Yuan relatively stable performance, mainly due to sensor support. In addition, outdoor landscape lighting manufacturers, the Grand Canyon -KY benefit of city lighting engineering and OEM orders, annual growth in revenue in December 145.9%.

Samsung Micro LED TV hit the industry, many enterprises in the "report" cited concern, but in fact, exciting content this week LED circle is far more than that. Elec-Tech, poly Chan photoelectric, alto electronics, acoustics, Siu Chi shares also have the action.

- power LED flip chip project, Elec-Tech intends to purchase 300 million shares in subsidiaries

The proposed acquisition of Bengbu Huachen Bengbu holds 13.7% stake to three Yi semiconductor cash, equity purchase price of 300 million yuan. Bengbu Yi three semiconductor is a subsidiary of the BDO, after the completion of the transaction, China will hold its 82.193% stake.

Elec-Tech said, Bengbu three Yi semiconductor for the implementation of the main body of the company equity investment projects LED flip chip project, and the project plays an important role in the future development of the company, the company purchased 13.7% of its shares will further enhance the control of Bengbu three Yi semiconductor, more conducive to the LED project by flip chip Business development, strategic planning of the company.

- 628 million of the total! Poly Chan and Nanchang micro MOCVD equipment procurement contract signed

Poly Chan optoelectronics and Nanchang micro Semiconductor Equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanchang micro") signed a major contract. According to the contents of the contract, together can photoelectricity to Nanchang in the purchase of a number of micro metal organic chemical vapor deposition equipment (type: Prismo A7), the contract amount of 628 million yuan (including tax).

To celebrate the "good start", alto electronics, acoustics billion project bid

Alto electronics subsidiary QianBaiHui winning "Nanjing Road, Fuzhou Road (city limits) lighting upgrade project design and construction project contracting". The project bid price of 110284300 yuan, accounting for Alto electronic audited 2016 annual income of 457079739.05 yuan accounted for 24.13%, QianBaiHui audited 2016 annual revenue of 156718868.86 yuan 70.37%.

Acoustics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Shen Anzhi, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Yaming Lighting Co Ltd and other 3 companies jointly awarded the "wisdom of Liping" Liping county poverty alleviation project supporting tourism. The main content of the construction of the project for the wisdom of landscape lighting, parking lot, wisdom wisdom, wisdom and sanitation, the estimated total investment is 1 billion 185 million 630 thousand yuan, set up cooperation projects for a period of 17 years, the construction period of 2 years, the 15 year operation period.

- Siu Chi shares kept busy, while the acquisition of assets and selling other assets

Siu Chi shares owned subsidiary of Shenzhen zhaochi energy-saving lighting Limited by Share Ltd intends to own funds 5 million 100 thousand yuan transferee held by Ms. Gu Xiang Shenzhen zhaochi intelligent Co. 51% stake in the company. In addition, Siu Chi shares will be a subsidiary of Shenzhen zhaochi photoelectric Co., the company's inventory assets and equipment assets to 44 million 108 thousand and 600 yuan (excluding VAT) sold to the company related legal Shenzhen zhaochi lighting Limited by Share Ltd.

- REFOND teamed up with TCL group Huarui photoelectric equity transferee

REFOND planned investment 7 million 894 thousand and 700 yuan transferee Yuxing Enterprise Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Yuxing enterprise") Holdings (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Huarui photoelectric (hereinafter referred to as "Huarui photoelectric") 7.9% stake. Yuxing enterprise Jingyuan a wholly owned subsidiary of Au Optronics Co, founded in October 2008. This transaction, Huarui photoelectric 24% Yuxing enterprises will be held respectively to 16.1% stake in TCL group, to REFOND 7.9%. The transferee equity matters after registration, the company will hold 32.9% stake in Huarui photoelectric.


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