Hospital operation room green? The original is justified......
Source: Date:2018-05-13

The operating room is a Danish hospital for tests on saturated color, in order to reduce the fatigue of major surgery surgeons and nurses, and improve visual comfort.

This hospital is Aarhus University hospital in Denmark, the operation room equipped with adjustable keyhole LED panel, and is composed of LED array central downlight. In keyhole surgery during the use of green to reduce fatigue, while the use of cold white high color in open surgery.

When the patient first entered the operation room, "lighting scene in" is a soft, warm light, in the process of patients arriving and awakening will produce a feeling of security, and have a pleasant mood.

All of the scenarios through the use of the touch screen is simple to choose, these are consulting surgeon Henrik Vad and nurse Annette Johnsen designed.

Doctors and nurses often need the best visual conditions and white, high color lighting. For example, anesthesia nurses can use target point lighting on the bed to observe the patient's face and skin.

Have the same direct white wall lights to the operation room, the working conditions of nurses is clearly visible, and will minimize the risk of errors. (compiled: LED James)

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