LED lamp replaced global trend is a project in Chicago 1 billion yuan
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Previously, Chicago officials confirmed that the plan in the next four years, will replace the 85% lights for the LED lamp, which makes Chicago become the world lighting change is one of the largest city of LED.

The plan will be 270000 high-pressure sodium lamp replacement is more energy-saving and more durable LED lamps.

The plan from the beginning of last year, is expected to cost $160 million (about 1 billion yuan). However, it will also bring to the Chicago City Council to produce energy costs.

The LED manufacturer said that LED technology can reduce 60% to 80% of the energy consumption, investment return in two years or a shorter period of time.

The plan also includes a smart grid, when the lamp does not work, can be directed, so that the residents can no longer report fault.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said: "this project is a win-win situation, not only is one of the largest lighting modernization project of the United States, but also can reduce the residents call 311 (Note: the 311 is the public hotline service center). "

He also said: "according to the proposed project, we will provide the reliable and high quality lighting equipment, will improve the quality of life of each community in Chicago. "

The street lamp replacement for LED lamp is a global trend, more and more around the world city instead of using LED to cut costs and carbon emissions. (compiled: LED James)

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