HUAWEI, millet and other Mini targeting LED screen, will be used in the new machine?
Source: Date:2018-05-13

According to reports, industry sources, the well-known intelligent mobile phone manufacturers including HUAWEI, OPPO and millet, using mini LED backlit display of intelligent mobile phone plans to launch in the second half of this year, Taiwan area China has asked the panel manufacturers to start production work from June this year.

Intelligent mobile phone manufacturers speculation that Apple may launch more AMOLED screen iPhone model in 2018, to purchase more Samsung AMOLED display. The sources said that although the Samsung 146 inch micro LED backlight panel TV in the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show, but this kind of TV may get rapid development in 2018 is not.

The sources said that with the improvement of technological progress and product design, the number of 6 inch smart mobile phone screen to mini LED chip is reduced from 9000 to 4000, which helps to reduce the cost, improve the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers using mini LED will display.

Dramexchange consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) pointed out that the future of Mini LED, TV, mobile phone, car cover panel and display screen, Mini LED estimated in 2023 the overall output will reach $1 billion, of which LED screen and large screen televisions, Mini LED will be the mainstream of future application.

LEDinside Research Assistant Manager Yang Fubao pointed out that between the Mini LED chip size is 100-200 m, the present application domain to self luminous display and backlight. In a self luminous display, Sony as early as 2016 issued a self luminous display Micro LED, but due to the manufacturing cost and technical threshold is very high, so many LED manufacturers began to develop larger grain size of Mini LED, in order to rapid production. Compared with the traditional LED display, Mini LED has a chance to do dynamic contrast and color gamut more effective.

As for consumer electronics products, using Mini LED chip to do self luminous display cost is too high, and the resolution of existing products may not meet the requirements, so the manufacturer's goal is to Mini LED as a backlight, LED backlight to replace the traditional liquid crystal panel. Mini LED backlight solution can be used in TV, mobile phone, vehicle panel, LEDinside estimated that in 2018 there will be Mini LED backlight application samples available.

According to Chinese Taiwan's largest Mini LED chip manufacturers EPISTAR said, the equivalent of 1% of the total output of mini configuration LED display if the 2018 15 million smart mobile phone, the mini LED chip demand will reach 60 billion, equivalent to a monthly use of 100 thousand Mini LED epitaxial wafer.

EPISTAR said, a TV set needs about 10 thousand Mini LED chip, if in 2018 4% set by mini LED Mini LED chip technology, global demand will reach 100 billion.

According to EPISTAR said, for mini LED chip and intelligent mobile phone TV production may start the second half, the relevant specifications will be finalized in the first half of the year. For the mini LED chip high-end game display may also begin production in the second half of this year.

EPISTAR pointed out that the existing equipment for the production of LED chips can be produced after the transformation of mini LED chip.

Different from the OLED pixel itself will light is Mini, LED is a backlight technology, just add more LED, to achieve a more fine partition HDR.

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