Prepare for the Mini LED crystal electric capacity, optimistic about the second half of the products listed after the outbreak
Source: Date:2018-05-13

CES hot next generation display technology, Micro LED, Mini LED to reveal the future direction of the display and have the opportunity to become a mainstream technology. Taiwan manufacturers, crystal electric peers early investment in technology development, and customers also want to grab the first, it is understood that the crystal electric explosion inside good business in the second half after the listing of products.

The first half of the year will be planning crystal electric machine and Mini LED capacity to prepare, the second half is expected to be busy with the client demand, plus a variety of products listed together, inside the second half is expected to be very busy, very busy. The second half of the expected LED products include mobile phone equipped with Mini, TV, gaming products, the gaming products line is expected to 2019 will be launched, but in the customer actively designed in advance to seize the market, gaming items in advance to the second half of this year is expected to see.

For the customer product listing process, crystal electric reluctant to express an opinion, is expected in the first quarter in the traditional off-season working under the lack of energy, this year to be Mini LED, VCSEL operation (surface emitting laser) two major product lines, new products through continuous adjustment, push up profit performance; optimistic about the Mini LED technology, mainly because of having power saving with high performance , contrast, saturation, high dynamic range (HDR) are better than that of OLED, and a OLED power of 50%.

Mini LED is expected to calculate the crystal Electric Corporation to the large number of wafers in terms of current mobile phone, each with 4000 Mini LED calculations, if a year by Mini LED mobile phone backlight into 15 million branches, one year amounted to 60 billion, the annual demand of 2 inch wafer capacity equivalent to 1 million 500 thousand, the monthly production capacity of 100 thousand pieces of demand TV to a greater amount; If a TV, use a number 10 thousand, annual sales of 1 million units, while the capacity demand for the year 10 million, the monthly production demand for the 167 thousand jordan 2 inch wafer.

Legal person said that the Mini LED product in the market after the initial demand is estimated in the first half of the crystal power available, capacity to cope with.

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