LED why sell filament lamp in Europe? The reason is that......
Source: Date:2018-05-13

From New York to London, antique lamps is rapidly becoming a fashion restaurant bar, retro design essentials and chic family, not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also caused people to buy.

These "old fashioned" bulb looks like the inefficient incandescent lamps in 1878 invented by Edison, to encourage people to love to replace the old light bulbs.

The band LED chip re arranged inside the bulb on the lamp manufacturers found that they can meet the human desire for warmth, natural light, this is the first generation of LED bulb can not provide.

Kristof Vermeersch is responsible for PHILPS global lighting LED lighting product management said: "people are looking for the kind of see in the bulb shining and warm and comfortable effect. "

In the lighting, the trend of the change will help to promote the sales of LED lighting. Because these bulbs every 10 to 15 years to replace a, higher efficiency, and incandescent bulbs replaced several times a year to.

Peng Boxin (Bloomberg New Energy Finance Energy Finance) analyst Tom Rowlands-Rees said: "the real problem is that the LED lighting lamp life can last a long time, so they are not the replacement cycle", "now, the industry has found a way to attract customers, let people pay, not only because of It is just, but also because it is very cool. "

In 2008, the Japanese company Ushio Inc. rollout of LED filament lamp technology, and no immediate attention. However, with the improvement of the design, the price decline, from PHILPS to GE lighting and other large manufacturers have also begun production.

AXP Technology is a California company with sales of LED filament lamp in the United States, its chief executive Justin Wang said: "when LED first appeared, looks like a foreign body," but when the LED filament lights out, looks like a familiar incandescent bulb. "

Four years ago, a small LED filament lamp market, mainly concentrated in a handful of Nordic countries. Now, shipments are growing fast, LEDinside is expected to 2020, the global market size of up to $20 billion.

LED can also solve the problem of filament lamp has been facing policy makers: they want to disable inefficient incandescent bulbs, but by the appearance of the old consumers against love.

According to a YouGov poll, in 2016 the British support from Europe, nearly 1/3 of people said they would like to see the old light return.

Due to the appearance of more and more good-looking, LED filament lamp can help accelerate the replacement of incandescent lamp. The United Nations says the next twenty years, with the development of electric power facilities in backward countries, lighting demand is expected to grow 50%, but also can avoid more than 390 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

However, the consumer is difficult to distinguish between the incandescent lamp and LED lamp filament. Large manufacturers, like GE said, they need to do more to do promotion, promotional benefits.

GE Lighting Matt Sommers consumer innovation manager said: "the LED sales is a very difficult problem, because you must to consumers and retailers professor of technology", "we can't expect that consumers look at this thing, you know what it is. "(Translation: LED James)

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