Adjustable white for illumination in what place? The submarine also has it......
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Due to the development of the lighting industry, is now available in the specific time of the day or night in some lamps "join" the desired color temperature. One of the main trends in the realization of this goal is the mixture of different colors in the building in the device LED. For example, a lamp consists mainly of cool LED (e.g., 4000K). If you join the red LED to the array, and the different colors of LED can be controlled separately, then the color lamp output can be from the "cold white" into "warm white". If the lamp contains RGB LED matrix, it can achieve greater color gamut color output (range).

The second trend is the emergence of a more advanced control system in architectural lighting. More and more systems now contain standard options, allowing the user to a certain time of day to manually change the preset temperature and even individual lamps.

"Adjustable white light" lighting where useful? The submarine is a perfect example of application. When the submarine sneaked into the water, possibly for a few weeks or months to see daylight. Change the light level, will change color from warm to cool and warm, can simulate the natural sunlight, help regulate the submarine's biological clock.

Even in the presence of sunlight, different light levels and color output also can be similar to mimic natural conditions. Some studies show that the attention and productivity have a positive impact. Therefore, workers can benefit. Another application may benefit from the classroom. In addition to increasing attention, research also shows that school-age children (especially adolescents) sleep cycle can be simulated by the use of natural lighting to strengthen and better regulation. In order to achieve these benefits, it is important to use light output and color can be modified. Obviously, must also deploy a control system that allows setting (or preferably preset) different light levels and color temperature.

Adjustable white lighting system can also be used for special effects. For example, in the classroom, factory or office, change the lighting level and color before lunch, can express the stop work (or study). Go back to the office after dinner, the level of illumination and color change can let the people inside "awake" (similar to drink a cup of coffee containing effect). Fast work, reduce the level of illumination and color temperature can indicate the working day or the school day is coming to an end.

Another benefit is the application of retail stores. In the day, changing the light output and color space, through to increase diversification, can stimulate sales. It can also be used to "remind" function. For example, can be some changes in the brightness level and color, may be better than to promote a sale of goods.

Restaurants and other reception place can also use adjustable white lighting to change the surrounding environment. For example, the restaurant can use lighter and more cool light at breakfast and lunch, with darker, more warm light in the dinner, it is more suitable for.

Light color (and light level) any change will have a physiological effect on the human body, will also have an impact on the visual environment. If you have any doubt about the effect of adjustable lighting, lighting professionals can consult. (compiled: LED James)

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