A total of 628 million! Poly Chan and Nanchang micro MOCVD equipment procurement contract signed
Source: Date:2018-05-13

Yesterday (9) evening, poly Chan photoelectric announcement, the company and the Nanchang micro Semiconductor Equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanchang micro") signed a major contract.

In the micro micro semiconductor equipment in Nanchang (Shanghai) Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. According to the contents of the contract, together can photoelectricity to Nanchang in the purchase of a number of micro metal organic chemical vapor deposition equipment (type: Prismo A7), the contract amount of 628 million yuan (including tax). The contract equipment with batch delivery, contract payment by installments.

Poly Chan photoelectric said that implementation of the contract to the company's 2017 annual operating results have no effect, but with the MOCVD key equipment used for production, the gradual release of production capacity, the company is expected to next year's business performance has a positive effect.

The LEDinside editor noted that (2017) in early December, Chan and Viiko photoelectric precision instrument Poly International Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (Veeco Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai Viiko") signed a contract in two major procurement to Shanghai, Viiko purchased a number of metal organic chemical gas phase Standard equipment (MOCVD deposition equipment, type: EPIK868 C4), two copies of the contract amount: $69720000 (about 461 million yuan), with partial delivery, payment by installment.

In the poly Chan photoelectric prospectus said that the company will timely capacity expansion, solve the problem of the sustainable development of the company, to continue to contribute to promote the green LED lighting business.

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