Lighting color application
Source: Date:2017-03-28

Sanyuan of color:

Hue (Hue): the distinction between colors, determined by the dominant wavelength of the light. Brightness (Lightless): the color of the human eye feeling of light and shade. Chroma (Chrome): the color purity of the feeling, it is also called the "saturation".

Eye on color resolution and light wavelength, the human feeling in the visible light wavelength range of different color sensitivity is different, the human eye is most sensitive to yellow light wavelength region, the wavelength of the light eyes feel more comfortable.

Color mixture

Law of color mixing

The color of an object is related to the spectral power distribution of the reflected (transmitted) light, but it is not a one-to-one correspondence, which causes a lot of light in the spectrum to cause the same color. The same color difference is caused by the low resolving power of the human eye.

Three primary colors (Three primary Colors):

Any color light can be mixed by a certain proportion of three primary colors, and the primary colors are independent of each other, that is, any of the primary colors cannot be mixed by the other two primary colors.

Three law of color mixing:

The law of complementary colors: color A+ color A color = white

The middle color law: any two intermediate non complementary colors mixed color =

Replace the law: such as: color A= color B color C= color D;

The color A+ color C= color B+ color D

Additive color method (Additive Color Mixture) - color mixing method

Definition: a new method for the synthesis of a new shade of light with two or more than two colored light by a combination of direct or indirect mixing.

RGB: CIE; red (700nm), green (546nm), blue 435.8nm

The subtractive (Subtractive Color Mixture) - mixed color method

Definition: according to the characteristics of the white light is a complex color and color selective absorption of light, with two or more than two kinds of pigment to absorb the white light in different colors, so as to get the desired color method. Pigment primaries green, magenta and yellow, respectively, are the primary colors of light red, green, and blue color.

Mixed method comparison project

Additive method

The subtractive method

Primary colors



Primary hue

Red, green, blue

R, G, B

Magenta, yellow, cyan

M, Y, C

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