LED lights - hun river the night
Source:Archled Date:2017-04-07

According to shen water, also known as the small liaohe. History as largest tributary liao, who is now an independent of the rivers, the sea is also the most abundant water resources of inland river in liaoning province. Basins range in eastern liaoning province. Roll is the result of fushun city of liaoning province qingyuan county Ma Ling, flows through the fushun, shenyang, anshan, yingkou city, near haicheng city child taizi river, rendezvous after large liaohe, flow to yingkou city into a bay to the south, 415 km. 
7200 years ago human in the farming, fishing and hunting, breeding, create nahuy culture. Today hun river with the center of liaoning province industrial and agricultural production and living water of urban agglomerations. For convenient management, however, are still mistaken as liaohe tributary of hun river to look at, and river called big liaohe hun river into the sea. 
Because of liaohe river upstream west liaohe block dry, east of the liaohe today for source, mainly water appear on a tributary of liaohe water is far less than that of hun river, so big of liaohe call also look plausible, although that is not a drop of liaohe river water. 

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