LED lights - j bridge
Source:Archled Date:2017-04-07

In 1965, ZhongNaJu TaoZhuLai changsha, first secretary of the inspection. See long queues waiting for passing the xiangjiang river, transition, ask around in changsha city leadership: "hengyang have bridge, there is also a bridge in wuhan, changsha, why not bridge?" City leaders some embarrassed, but truthfully answer: "we don't have money." Tao zhu said: "you should try to build a bridge. The bridge, you out of the half, half ZhongNaJu out." Building a xiangjiang river bridge probably need 16 million, we raise 8 million is ok. But engineering have been dragged to the middle of "cultural revolution" in changsha city government to carry out. The country's most famous two bridge is wuhan Yangtze river bridge and nanjing Yangtze river bridge.

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