Basic principles of lighting design visual information
Source: Date:2017-03-28

It is very important to obtain information from the surrounding environment in our daily life and actions. "There are a lot of information" is defined here refers to the clues, the outside signal of our actions (stimulus), namely through the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch stimuli) obtained after receiving the signal transmission to the brain, the brain of judgment or choice between treatment instructions under control step action. The useful signals (stimuli) that are judged here are called information. In the five senses, the amount of information (visual information) that is obtained through vision is the largest, and is the reliance on our daily work and life.

In order to get a large amount of correct and fast visual information, good artificial lighting is very important. In ancient times, since the beginning of the use of fire, light technology has made a great contribution to the subsequent development of civilization and culture.

In any case, lighting technology attaches great importance to the use of space for the purpose of the design, construction and lighting planning and design. The most important thing is to fully understand the lighting function, improve the quality of the living environment.

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