"Key technology" received 50 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, to enter the qianyiji lighting market
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Told reporters recently, intelligent lighting technology company it received 50 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, led Party voted for the plum fund capital with the cast castle. Following the investment of FIIL headset, plum and the capital fund of Castle Peak in the sights of the general lighting market, both as general lighting will use intelligent wireless communication technology is the next generation of entrance lighting industrial upgrading direction and networking. Now, qianyiji lighting market volume has not been deep mining. According to LEDinside's latest report shows that the scale of the global lighting market in 2015 reached 550 billion yuan, while LED increased gradually during the 2008 to 2016 period of market share, is expected in 2020, LED will replace the traditional lighting market, the market share of 80%-90%. Early to predict the lighting industry structure is changing, the industry leader PHILPS, OSRAM, GE company will have LED industry listed on the stock market or the introduction of strategic investors, and put a lot of research resources in the field of intelligent LED. "Now industry generally believe that the intelligent LED lighting industry will become the next generation of standards, complete the iteration of the traditional lighting market." Key technology founder Huang Xiaojun said. Because the lighting industry access threshold is low, high technology content of products is low in Chinese about tens of thousands of lighting companies, but even lighting companies ranked the top ten, the market share of less than 10%. The homogeneity of products, poor user experience, intelligent high-end solutions are expensive, the market pain points, hope that the technology will light tone and intelligent control barriers opened up, put forward a set of intelligent lighting system and easy to use solution. Tone technology was founded in 2014, is currently focused on the application of intelligent integrated lamp and control platform, the beginning of the establishment of the Yunfeng fund founder Yu Feng et al. 22 million 500 thousand yuan Angel round of investment. Huang Xiaojun as the leader of Chinese intelligent lighting, once in 2010 hosted the first China millions of LED lighting project, interestingly, he is also a star millet ecological chain enterprises Yeelight angel investors. For him, the intelligent lighting is a maturing qianyiji networking market. It is understood, currently on the market and the toy grade intelligent lamp products by different tunes, super switch, super light, small wireless switch with App, using Zigbee + WIFI wireless communication protocol, dynamic networking, support up to simultaneously control 5000 lights. Super light through the concept of "Remodeling simple smart" people light interaction, can be solved for intelligent lighting, commercial office, Home Furnishing and all indoor space system and multi scene scheme, bring about a "revolution of light". After obtaining Pre-A round of financing, it will launch a variety of intelligent lighting technology products in the near future, become the world's first delivery of civil and commercial grade products of intelligent lighting company.

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