Chinese COB market revenue ten released: foreign companies have obvious advantages
Source: Date:2018-01-05

According to the latest "2016 Chinese LED chip and packaging industry market report shows that in 2015 Chinese LED packaging market size of 8 billion 800 million dollars, year-on-year growth of 2%. COB market demand in recent years has experienced rapid growth, particularly in the high-end commercial lighting industry, more and more high permeability, also in the outdoor lighting market, COB application ratio also increased gradually, so more and more manufacturers involved in COB market. International manufacturers, in addition to the early market CITIZEN has roots in COB (Citizen), SHARP (Sharp), Luminus Devices (Bridgelux), Puri, CREE, Lumileds and Nichia and other manufacturers have also added; China manufacturers, manufacturers are more involved in COB, including the rise of spectrum, energy, and the new moon with silicon a party. COB entered the market more and more, the market structure has also undergone great changes, on the whole, is still in the leading international manufacturers China COB market. Citizen is global COB market leader, however in the Chinese market, since CREE launched COB products, with the advantages of the original pathway and the products of their own competitiveness, market share rising, 2015 rose to the first. Affected by the increasingly fierce market competition, Citizen in recent years in Chinese market growth has slowed, but still occupy a higher market share in the high-end market. Lumileds since the 2013 launch of the COB products in commercial lighting field has made rapid development, in 2015 rose to third, and the recent sharp expansion of COB product line, 2016 revenues are expected to show rapid growth. SHARP (Sharp) and Puri (Bridgelux) due to squeeze Chinese and international manufacturers in recent years, the decline in revenue. Shengpu photoelectric COB manufacturers is Chinese local leader, COB market has roots since its inception, brand, technology and scale are in a leading position. The 2016 launch of dual color COB, has attracted much attention in plant lighting and other special applications, also developed the COB products. Guangzhou silicon can be set up so far has focused on the COB market, the rapid development in recent years, in 2016 the successful launch of high density, high color products, in the high-end commercial lighting market competitiveness upgrade. Luminus Devices was mainly located in the high-end commercial lighting industry, 2013 is an optoelectronic acquisition, currently in Xiamen has set up a production base, expand production capacity, is expected to further expand the scale of revenue. Nichia in the Chinese market COB products for a short time, but the rapid development of 2016 with higher price, market share is expanding rapidly, 2016 revenues are expected to show substantial growth. The new moon photoelectric mainly produces high power package products, including COB and power products, has deep market segments, 2015 COB revenue ranked tenth.

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