"13th Five-Year" robot industry development plan effect on LED enterprise?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "robot industry development plan (2016-2020)", to guide China's robot industry healthy and sustainable development. "Planning" proposed industrial development five years overall goal: the formation of industrial robot system is more perfect. Technological innovation capability and international competitiveness significantly enhanced, the quality and performance of products reaches the international advanced level, the key parts of a major breakthrough, basically meet the market demand. And from the continued growth of industrial scale, technology level significantly improved, the key parts of a major breakthrough, integrated applications have put forward specific targets four aspects of significant effect. Key support equipment robot as a key supporting equipment for the development of advanced manufacturing industry is the focus of the field of robot, is also an important starting point to improve the human way of life. Whether the application of industrial robots in manufacturing environment, or in the non manufacturing environment, the service robot, its research and development and industrialization is an important indicator of national science and technology innovation, the development of high-end manufacturing level. Vigorously develop the robotics industry, to create new Chinese manufacturing advantages, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, accelerate the construction of manufacturing power, it is important to improve the level of people's life. In order to implement the "2025" China manufacturing robot as the overall deployment of key development areas, promoting China's robot industry rapid healthy and sustainable development plan is formulated, the planning period of 2016-2020 years. "Planning" goals to achieve a major breakthrough in key parts of the robot and high-end products, robot quality reliability, market share increase rate and the competitiveness of enterprises. In the past five years, the average annual growth rate of global industrial robot sales of more than 17%, 2014 sales reached 229 thousand units, an increase of 29%, the global manufacturing robot density (per million workers in the use of industrial robots number) average 5 years ago by 50 to 66, including industrial robot developed countries generally more than 200 density. At the same time, the rapid development of service robots, increasingly wide range of applications in medical rehabilitation robot surgery robot as the representative of the formation of a large industrial scale, space robot, bionic robot and anti-terrorism and anti riot robot and other special operations robot application. Robot research in China started in 1970s, in recent years, in a series of policy support and market demand, the rapid development of China's robot industry. In 2014 the independent brand of industrial robot sales reached 17 thousand units, representing an increase of 78%. Service robots in scientific research, medical rehabilitation, education and entertainment, family services and other areas have developed a series of representative products and application. Since 2013, China has become the world's largest industrial robotics market, 2014 sales reached 57 thousand units, an increase of 56%, accounting for global sales of 1/4, the robot density from 5 11 years ago to 36. The development target of service robot sales of more than $30 billion over the past five years, formed a relatively complete system of industrial robot. Technological innovation capability and international competitiveness significantly enhanced, the quality and performance of products reaches the international advanced level, the key parts of a major breakthrough, basically meet the market demand. In 2020, the specific objectives are as follows: the continued growth of the industry scale. The independent brand of industrial robots in production reached 100 thousand units, and more than six axis industrial robot annual output reached more than 50 thousand. Service robot annual sales income of more than 30 billion yuan, achieved small batch production and application in the medical rehabilitation and the elderly and the disabled. Cultivate more than 3 internationally competitive enterprises, to create more than 5 robots supporting industry clusters. The technical level significantly improved. Industrial robot speed, load, precision, weight ratio of the main technical indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products, the mean time to failure (MTBF) reached 80 thousand hours; the technical level of service robot field of health care, family services, anti-terrorism riot, rescue, scientific research and other close to the international level. The breakthrough of a new generation of robot technology, innovation and application of intelligent robot. The key parts of a major breakthrough. Robot with precision reducer, servo motor and driver, controller performance, precision and reliability reached the level of foreign similar products, realize the batch application in more than six axes industrial robots in the market share of more than 50%. The integrated application and achieved remarkable results. Completed more than 30 typical areas of robot integrated application solutions, and the formation of the corresponding standards and norms, to achieve large-scale application of robot in key industries, the robot density of more than 150. Although China's robot industry has made considerable progress, but compared with developed countries, there is a big gap. Mainly in the robotics industry chain missing parts of high precision speed reducer, servo motor and controller to rely on imports; the core technology innovation capability is weak, the reliability of high-end products of low quality; promote the use of robots is difficult, the market share of enterprises needs to be improved; "small, scattered and weak" problems, lack of competitiveness; robot standards, testing and certification system to be perfect. LED enterprise innovation layout to promote major iconic products the first breakthrough in the "13th Five-Year" period is the key period for the development of China's robot industry, we should grasp the development trend of international industrial robot, integration of resources, formulate measures, seize the opportunity to create a good environment for development, promote the healthy and rapid development of China's robot industry. Advance towards the high-end industrial robot. For "China manufacturing 2025" ten key areas of the national economy and other key industries demand, focusing on intelligent production, intelligent logistics, the key technology of industrial robot, enhance the operability and maintainability, focus on the development of welding robot, vacuum machine (Jie Jing), independent programming of industrial robots, intelligent robots, human-computer collaboration the arms of the robot, the overloaded AGV six iconic industrial robot products, to guide China's industrial robot to high-end development. Wright: LED+ UAV + car headlights allegedly, snow Wright is the only independent research and development of production and consumption level, aerial UAV and UAV business enterprise, among the top three industries. Wright replenishment holdings UAV enterprise - Manta was the founder of intelligence, several American doctor, is also the UAV game player products, technology and experience, have obvious advantages. In 2015 the annual Wright UAV business will achieve 50 million sales revenue, about 17 thousand. 2016 snow Wright UAV production capacity will reach 50 thousand / month. At present, the global consumer and aerial survey of UAV has reached the scale of $1 billion 670 million. Capital analysts believe that consumer machine and aerial survey of UAV business growth than the market expected, the market for the Wright UAV market position insufficient understanding. In addition, the market also underestimated the value LED automotive headlamps product cnlight new future growth. Honglitronic: LED+ car networking + Internet financial honglitronic mid October accepted research organization, said that the car networking is another direction of its future development, will continue to actively seek suitable partners investment Xi, to speed up the layout of the car networking industry pace. It is reported that honglitronic intends to Guangzhou Zhuhai Airlines bus 30 million yuan investment, the investment of equity after the completion of the delivery, the company will hold 20% stake in the Pearl River Navigation school bus, can carry out car networking business through the accumulation of students and parents to users. Data show that the bead boat bus was founded in 2012, mainly to provide students with bus service. Honglitronic in mid October "investor relations activity records" said LED automotive lighting subsidiary responsible for the main products include Forda signal, car front and rear lights and headlights lighting products. Previously, honglitronic May shares of liberty net financial platform for the Internet, July shares Diener technology, new formats become the first domestic LED business + Internet Financial + car ". At present, net financial has been a strategic investment honglitronic round a total of over 40 million $B. Mason technologies: LED+ Internet advertising media + military in November 3rd, Mason technologies announced, intends to buy its ccgood 100% equity and 100% equity of hundreds of millions of wireless, the two target company valuation total 740 million yuan; at the same time, invested 30 million yuan shares of botu advertising. Allring technology hope that through more than two acquisitions and a strong participation, enter the Internet advertising media industry, the Internet advertising media to build the whole industry chain, construction of advertising media ecosystem to achieve key point layout. In addition, Mason technologies earlier this month said in an interactive platform for investors, there are military orders to undertake, the future will continue to vigorously expand the market. KingSun lighting products: LED + wisdom + financial investment in the evening of October 30th, KingSun outdoor lighting manufacturers in the third quarter of the 2015 annual report disclosure. The report shows that the third quarter KingSun revenues of 193 million yuan, down 43.29%. In order to reverse the decline in performance decline, KingSun moves frequently. Recently, on the ground is two new concept of smart lamp - "dazzle" and "Yao yao". From the ground to see toward civil copywriting, intelligent hardware development. Prior to August, KingSun and Shenzhen taihesheng Efficient Finance Holding Ltd jointly funded the establishment of Shenzhen Hongyi one fund mergers and acquisitions investment enterprises (limited partnership). Everlight electronics components LED + Intelligent sweeping robot intelligent sweeping robot has used many LED optoelectronic components. Sweeping robot using IR/PT and IRM, to achieve the collision, crash, remote control, positioning and other functions. IR/PT in the signal transmitting and receiving, also when the sweeper operation encountered obstacles, can be through the induction and changes of direction, avoid the step angle, tables and chairs, reduce the collision and falling off prevention opportunities. Sweeping robot is widely used in Europe and the United States in recent years, the domestic demand is also growing rapidly, good market prospects. Billion light is the integration of professional development, business and marketing team, provide different perspectives, a variety of IRM IR/PT for customers, and complete a full range of solutions. The subsequent growth of LED: an optoelectronic chip + GaAs +LiFi+PA design three chip business to rely on equity investment projects to purchase MOCVD equipment capacity release: downstream LED lighting is still in rapid penetration, estimated compound growth in recent years the global LED lighting industry at the rate of 35%-40% left and right, pull on demand LED chip. LED chip prices decreased rapidly with the advantages of technology and scale leading enterprises benefit in continuous expansion and three state. The GaAs has entered the commissioning phase, the latter will gradually release capacity: the company GaAs business is steadily advancing, September equipment has been installed into the commissioning phase of complete production; November will send the samples to customer verification, the latter will gradually release capacity, the first production capacity that reached 5000 / month. In addition, with the Shanghai aerospace cooperation to promote the development of indoor and outdoor LED lighting intelligent communication (LiFi) products, will start from the military, the accumulation of Technology

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