China LED smart lighting application and promotion seminar successfully held special road lighting
Source: Date:2018-01-05

With the wide application of the Internet of things, the next generation of the Internet, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology, smart city has become an inevitable trend. In recent years, the wisdom of the city deal frequent, a city in China has the wisdom city construction climax. The city has a large number of lights, is the most populated city infrastructure for information collection and dissemination. Wisdom is an important source of future road information acquisition of the Internet of things, the wisdom of city street is an important part and an important entrance of the city of wisdom, wisdom and wisdom can promote the Municipal City in city lighting business floor, city and municipal services to enhance the ability of. In August 12, 2016, guided by science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Technology Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology support, R & D and Industry Alliance national semiconductor lighting project (CSA) and Light Industry Association of Zhejiang Province solid jointly organized the "China LED smart lighting application and promotion seminar field road lighting special" held in Hangzhou city villa. At the meeting, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Shiming optics science and Technology Co., Cheng Zhijie introduced the application of the CSA standard 016 street in the city of wisdom theme report. It is understood that Zhejiang Shiming Optics Technology Co. Ltd is a professional set design, manufacturing, sales and installation technology development of LED industry of private enterprises, the company registered capital of 50 million yuan, covers an area of more than 5 square standard workshop, 20 modern existing from the United States, Germany, South Korea and Japan with the introduction of international advanced level the automatic assembly line and a full set of high-end products testing equipment. Has formed intelligent road lighting, factory lighting, explosion-proof lighting, intelligent lighting Home Furnishing four main series of products, annual production capacity of 2 million sets of products, technology is the leading domestic level. At the same time, composed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National 863 Program experts, Dr. innovation team has been successfully developed to fill the gaps in the world with the police searching for evidence of new high power integrated lamp, to fill the gaps in the high penetration rate of tool free street and is undertaking the R & D organizations to fill the gaps in the LED automobile headlamp three high-end technology reserve series products. Company since 2010 has been awarded the "Shou PARKnSHOP bank credit enterprise", "key enterprises", "quality trustworthy outstanding demonstration unit", "labor management trustworthy unit", "AAA credit unit", supported by the state "high-tech enterprise" and so on. Is the main drafting industrial base, national semiconductor lighting systems engineering application technology center of Ministry of railway tunnel lamp standard unit, national semiconductor lighting engineering research and industry alliance member units and Chinese Lighting Association unit, is the first to obtain essential safety certification of enterprises lamps. The company has LED special lighting academician expert workstation, is currently preparing the Postdoctoral Station, is the first through the CSA016 standardized lamp compliance demonstration enterprise.

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