In Zhicheng Wu Wei: analysis of multi function (intelligent street lamp) product technology and application development
Source: Date:2018-01-05

With networking, the next generation of the Internet, cloud computing and other applications of the new generation of information technology, smart city has become an inevitable trend. In recent years, the wisdom of the city deal frequent, a city in China has the wisdom city construction climax. The city has a large number of lights, is the most populated city infrastructure for information collection and dissemination. Wisdom is an important source of future road information acquisition of the Internet of things, the wisdom of city street is an important part and an important entrance of the city of wisdom, wisdom and wisdom can promote the Municipal City in city lighting business floor, city and municipal services to enhance the ability of. In August 12, 2016, guided by science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Technology Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology support, R & D and Industry Alliance national semiconductor lighting project (CSA) in Zhejiang province and the solid state light source Industry Association jointly organized the "China LED smart lighting application and promotion seminar -- road special lighting in Hangzhou City villa held. At the meeting, from Zhicheng Technology Co. Ltd. Wu Wei analysis of the multi function (SMART) technology and application development of street lamp products. He is mainly from the main city from Universal City, smart city construction, the prospect of multifunctional lamp technology of multifunctional lamp, application and future prospect of multifunctional lamp five aspects detailed analysis of multi function (intelligent street lamp) product technology and application development. As everyone knows, now the development trend of LED smart lighting can not be blocked, the development of mobile Internet and networking technology, the integration of new ways for smart lighting development. In the "smart city" craze, wisdom street seems to be a major breakthrough of the wisdom of the city, Wi-Fi, wireless charging, data monitoring, environmental monitoring, post screen can rely on LED street lamp and the intelligent control platform to achieve. The wisdom of the city as an important carrier, the street will no longer be a simple lighting, street lamp of wisdom will play a greater role in "complex". Wu Wei said that at present many city city widespread tight parking spaces, traffic congestion, parking chaos phenomenon is serious, serious accidents can not get aid, city supervision inefficient, disaster warning is not timely. With innovative design and creative design more and more functional modules, LED street lamp is endowed with more functions and responsibilities. Wu Wei introduced to, based on the existing network of street smart city construction has the following characteristics: 1, the reliable. Pole structure analysis: ground part is a hollow metal circular long rod structure, the underground structure for reinforced concrete masonry structure, with a low center of gravity, strong toughness, good and stable power supply protection etc.. 2, reasonable distribution. Post Deployment Analysis: spacing. The height of 10 meters, mount the sensor related facilities, the state data of the operation and management of the city's land. 3, network. The scope of analysis: City Road, residential area, square cloth with outdoor public lighting lamp. In the landmark attractions, facilities, buildings facades, installation of outdoor landscape lighting system. Analysis of 4 broadband data communication, rich realization using multi strand stranded fiber link, high speed, reliable performance, expansion potential deep, can transmit data and instructions adequate control services for city management. Wu Wei believes that the multifunctional (wisdom) street is carrier of information acquisition and processing and distribution. Multi function to the construction of the city street lamps can save area demand, integration of resources, improve the image of the city's significance. At the same time, the module of standardization, style diversification, professional configuration is the future development direction of multifunctional lamp.

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