Deep grilled "lamp factory" Audi headlights history: how Audi is a step by step into the automotive lighting hole?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

The first mention of Audi, we think is the incomparable light, as long as the road, the lights may be the quickest way to identify Audi. But what time from the beginning, Audi headlights began to make people sit up and take notice? Audi is a step by step how to fall into this car lighting pit? This is today to talk about the topic. A brief introduction of the background, in the era before the advent of xenon lamp, halogen lamp in the era of Audi has been in soy sauce in the lighting, in other words, also did not find their own potential, so the story had to be told from the era of xenon headlamps. Audi 4000, was still using halogen lights xenon headlamps era 1992, Hella and BOSCH developed the world's first near light xenon headlamps, but the first for the automotive lamp is not Audi, but BMW, exactly is the second generation of the BMW 7 series. The gas discharge xenon headlamps, greatly improving the light visibility, lights start speed and life. So in 1994 the first generation Audi A8 as Audi's flagship model landing, behoove with the most advanced xenon headlamps. The first generation of Audi A8 in see buddies with xenon headlamps models, Germany as one of the three carriages of Benz would fall, so Benz in 1995 in the seventh generation E class car using a xenon lamp. Hence, it can be said that Audi launched a light revolution. Followed from the beginning of 2000, manufacturers have started on the vehicle dynamic response of headlamps interested in lighting manufacturers, enterprises and other organizations began to study the servo steering headlight system. In 2003, BMW, TOYOTA, Opel and other manufacturers began using servo steering headlights in his car, Audi certainly will not be after the same year, the Audi A8 is also equipped with a steering lamp. LED headlamps xenon headlamps in time after the debut of the LED lamp is. It is capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, can be directly converted into electricity to light. LED headlamps only 12V power supply can be used, but also light up instantly without delay. The Geneva auto show in 2003, Audi was in the Nuvolari Quattro concept car show full LED headlights, but the Audi LED was not put into production car headlights. Audi A8 W12 models in 2004, Audi will be equipped with LED lamp in the A8 W12 model, making it the first equipped with LED daytime running lights of the car. LED lamp with good response, 2005 Audi will LED into A6 Avant taillights, with nanosecond response speed and light intensity, high visibility is also held in extreme weather, a few years later, Audi once again to the tail to upgrade, upgrade to LED light belt tail, and for the first time in Audi A6. Audi A4 2.0TDI Audi A5 2.0T Quattro coupe Avant 2007, Lexus joined the LED headlamps in its LS600hl models, became the first equipped with LED lamp manufacturers. A look at the Audi which line ah, then launched the Audi R8 equipped with full LED headlamps. Robbed of the limelight of nature is very great, so Audi LED will then be put under the headlight more models, it makes more and more big name lamp factory. In the realization of full LED headlamps, LED light lamps, after the production of LED daytime running lights, Audi began to look at the lights. In 2012, Audi R8 uses the dynamic steering lamp, later in more models are added to the dynamic cornering light. Audi dynamic cornering light when everyone thinks Audi will have fun flying when the automobile lighting, actually Audi did not stop the pace of research. Because Audi think the headlights with still no way to rival the gap, so Audi decided to let people around the world are amazing headlights, so there is a matrix LED headlamps, and headlamps matrix can be said to represent the Audi was in the field of lamp is made very high attainments. Equipped with Audi A8L headlamps matrix matrix LED headlamps is composed of 5 reflecting unit arranged in a high beam lighting components, on top of each reflection unit, is a small 5 LED light source, LED light source can be independent of each small light, close or dark, 5 groups of a total of 25 small LED light source together, can realize the variable on the front area, accurate lighting. The same night meeting or to have a car in front of driving, matrix LED headlamps will automatically extinguish part beam LED lamp body, to prevent the surrounding vehicle driver risk due to dazzling and. After the LED era CES show in 2013, Audi released the OLED (organic light emitting diode) lighting technology. Compared with the LED lighting technology, matrix OLED tail light emitted very flat and uniform, and will not be weakened. Audi through OLED technology, developed a smart taillights group, the group not only the appearance of intelligent taillight is very brisk, and can identify the visibility will be adjusted automatically according to the brightness of tail light speed, traffic, weather and other factors, to remind the car distance, can greatly improve the active safety of vehicle. The first to enter the era of laser headlights while we sigh lamp factory strength, Audi has quietly entered the era of laser headlights. In 2014, Audi launched the first Sport Quattro laserlight laser headlight concept car at the CES exhibition. And then launched a R8 LMX by laser headlights. Compared with LED and xenon headlamps, high brightness laser, a lens can control the laser beam direction, directional light to the front, two times the distance is LED light. The 2015 CES show, Audi launched prologue concept car, and shows the matrix type laser headlights. Summary from 1994 to matrix xenon headlamps, laser headlights in 2014, 20 years, Audi in the field of automotive lighting playing a lot of tricks and techniques. It is undeniable that each iteration of Audi in the automotive lighting technology drives the innovation and transformation of the industry, we also expect Audi to continue to bring us more surprises in the field of automotive lighting.

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