Strengthen the integration of resources, the big NVC and strive to 2016 total revenue impact 10 billion
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Is being held at the Brazil Olympic Games in Rio, as a sponsor Chinese fina diving team, NVC, the logo "NVC" LOGO in the Rio Olympic diving hall. This is reminiscent of the "NVC storm power". If not before the storm as a shareholder, NVC lighting company, will not cause too much attention. In NVC, become the single largest shareholder of BDO BDO Runda chairman Wang Donglei took over as chairman of NVC and CEO, NVC gradually get rid of troubles, return to calm. Now, NVC is back on track, focus on transformation and development. NVC group president Zhang Peng revealed in an interview on the afternoon of August 9th, including NVC and other related assets of the company's big NVC will strengthen the integration of upstream and downstream resources this year, and strive to overall revenue impact of 10 billion yuan. In recent years, LED lighting industry is booming recently, OPPLE lighting, OSRAM lighting business acquisition of listed rawlinson...... In the traditional lighting has dominated the era of NVC, how to consolidate the status in the LED era? The integration of industrial chain, both NVC Elec-Tech, non-listed company or other assets, the actual controller is Wang Donglei. "The current competition in the lighting industry, is not only the product, channel competition, and ecological competition." Zhang Peng believes. 2015, NVC operating income was 3 billion 850 million yuan, the operating income of about 4 billion 500 million yuan, the two together is about 8 billion 350 million yuan. Zhang Peng believes that with unlisted assets, as long as to achieve 20% growth this year, the big NVC revenue this year is expected to impact the billions. According to Zhang Peng, Wang Donglei is in the process of the integration of assets, will NVC and other related assets of the company as "NVC group". Among them, the non-listed company assets mainly to sales channels, Wang Donglei shares of these channels, also has holdings. Lighting into the LED era, the chip dependence increases, Elec-Tech is actively developing LED flip chip technology. Wang Donglei hopes to get through from the LED core components, light source, intelligent control and power supply, Home Furnishing lighting, commercial lighting market terminal to the whole industry chain. In research and development, because the LED chip has changed every 3 months, LED lighting products every 6 months will change, now let the chip R & D department in advance to participate in the development of lighting products, now photoelectric technology platform downstream joint planning covering big NVC about 60% of the product line, at the end of the year will reach 75%. In manufacturing, because NVC respectively in the BDO Runda, light and commercial lighting done relatively well, if they can maximize the value of integration. In sales channel integration, at present, there are 38 NVC operations center, 3800 stores, tens of thousands of retail outlets in the country. Zhang Peng believes that this year will continue to optimize the channel, in the consolidation of commercial lighting advantages, enhance the Home Furnishing lighting sales ability, and enhance the electricity supplier channel revenue, "Home Furnishing lighting + commercial lighting wheel drive. For the overseas market, NVC has been overweeningly ambitious. NVC report shows that in 2015, Indonesia, the Middle East, focusing on Brazil, Africa and other markets, but because of the LED lighting product prices, the NVC brand lighting products in the international sales down 10.1% last year to 396 million 700 thousand yuan. Zhang Peng said, "the next step is NVC, the United States market." Ownership only 1/3 since, NVC brand and channel advantages. However, over the past few years the "storm", how much influence to the confidence of dealers. "We are to optimize the program, allowing dealers to provide better service". Zhang Peng said that the online channel, experienced a price war, lighting enterprises gradually shift between the brand and service competition. NVC for online and offline channels lighting product model segment, the online platform also for users "diversion line dealers". NVC based on more than 3000 stores last year, the first half of 2016 added nearly 700 O2O store experience, the area increased by 50%. "New channel model is user driven, consumers in the online learned information, online store experience, provide better customer service support service operators." Zhang Peng believes that the lamp is to be installed, so the dependence of the line channels is very strong, O2O combination of online and offline mode to get the dealer's welcome. Although the industry slowdown, but there is still a huge space for development of LED lighting industry. "LED lamp in China for three years, ownership only up to 1/3." Zhang Peng believes that in the lamp more and more standardized, plan trend, small businesses lack of advantages, like many small plants in Zhongshan Ancient Town were closed, the big brand highlights the advantages of.

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