Net exposure hammer new machine circuit diagram of a variety of models using dual color LED flashes
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Despite the exposure of a new hammer machine will be released on September 7th news, but in the end how to launch aircraft is unknown. Now, there are users in the micro-blog exposure of the hammer technology during the second half of this year to the new machine line next year, will be launched in September 7th not only shows the hammer nuts for 2 generations, but also have "ambition" series of family members will be meeting with us. As for the concern of the hammer T3 will officially debut in September 20th, and the three particle physical buttons and post fingerprint design, but the authenticity of the message has yet to be confirmed. According to the hammer technology new machine line the users exposure chart shows that the hammer will be released in September 7th 2 generation of nuts, the main feature is the use of 5.5 inches touch screen, supports 1080p resolution, equipped with 652 Xiaolong processor and has 4GB of memory, and provides 32GB/64GB/128GB three storage capacity; loaded with 16 million pixel camera, equipped with double the flash color temperature of LED and laser focusing function, the appearance will be key and pre design of circular Home fingerprint recognition. Not only that, the hammer will launch a new "ambition" series of new machines in the conference at the beginning of September, the same as the circular Home key fingerprint recognition and pre design, but with a 5.7 inch touch screen will support 2K resolution, and equipped with 820 Xiaolong processor and has 6GB of memory, including three kinds of storage capacity, 16 million pixel camera and 2 generation of identical nuts. It is worth mentioning that the legendary hammer T3 will be released in the Japanese market in September 20th, will shape the continuation of the T series of three particle entity key modeling, and the fingerprint sensor is placed at the back of the mobile phone. Equipped with 5 inches 1080p screen and Xiaolong 820 processor, memory combination with 4GB RAM+32/64/128GB, also equipped with 16 million pixel camera, support the laser focus and dual color LED flashes. As for the launched a new "ambition" series in the Japanese market will be named V series, is also equipped with 5.7 inches 2K screen, but the processor upgrade Xiaolong 821, and provides 6GB of memory and 32/64 /128GB and other three kinds of storage capacity, and the camera is upgraded to 21 million pixels, support the laser focus and double color LED flash, and will bring the iris recognition function. The same as the three particle physical buttons and back fingerprint identification function. After the 2 generation of "ambition" and nuts series and hammer will two new machines added later. The nuts 3 touch screen, the storage capacity will not change, but the change of Xiaolong 660 processor, 6GB ram and a dual lens design, the same as round and pre Home key fingerprint recognition function. As for the "-" 2 generation configuration will simultaneously be upgraded, including 8GB memory, Xiaolong 821 processor, and equipped with dual cameras and so on, but do not know the specific release time. In addition, there are friends in the Forum on the exposure of the new machine hammer renderings, the main features are as the 2 generation of nuts that uses a circular Home button design, but in the side of the power button on the integration of the mute button and LED lights function, the user can according to their own preferences for common APP settings different color lights. Therefore, from the current leaked information, nuts 2 generation will be the circular Home key design and integration of fingerprint identification function, and the hammer T3 will retain the traditional three entity key design, back integration of fingerprint sensor, but the authenticity of these messages on the high, perhaps only until the hammer in the September 7th Conference on as we reveal the answer.

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