Merck cadmium free quantum dots is expected to enter the Samsung authorized supply chain
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Samsung plans to expand the TV business group at the same time, Samsung potential suppliers will also start making quantum dots TV is expected to supply raw materials for South Korean TV manufacturers. Signed with the British nanomaterials taking German chemical manufacturers Merck before the licensing agreement, let the Merck group can start selling Nanoco immediately cadmium free quantum dots technology and establish their own exclusive production base, to meet the emerging needs. A consistent strategy for this agreement with Merck, Merck and will consolidate its leading position in the global market and display technology of materials. Cadmium free quantum dots technology can greatly enhance the color and richness and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, based on the basic structure of the liquid crystal, Samsung is currently using cadmium free quantum dots to optimize the television viewing quality. On the contrary, LG menacing towards the development of OLED technology. Although LG had been invited to join the development of OLED TV industry, but Samsung does not change the plan, the main consideration of OLED quantum dot TV or TV profits may be affected by considerable cost.

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